1 yuan peony money market bidding $1200 there was an obvious price no city hype signs

recently, one Internet & other; Peony, issued in 2000 $1 COINS in the collection of market price is 1200 yuan & throughout; News, caught the eye of collection lovers of coin collection. A dollar money par value of a coin, worth over one thousand yuan, a lot of people don’t believe it.

in this one yuan coin value up behind the obvious signs of hype, the personage inside course of study reminds, collectors need to be careful. At the same time, the reporter found after visiting the collection of market, once-hot coin collection market last year, has been cool to cold, most varieties compared to last year’s high prices, are only half of the highest price, the market.

$1 peony currency buck the soaring

& other; Red peony money this two months the most, but is rare in the hangzhou court, there is little trading volume. Throughout the &; Coin collector Zheng Long, two days before from twitter see a peony money by messages for a while.

he tells a reporter, now use most of the $1 COINS is since 1999 issue of the, chrysanthemum is due to the opposite pattern, collect market call & other; Chrysanthemum currency & throughout; . Before the original one yuan coin, positive with the peony pattern, bearing the national emblem on the back, called & quot; Peony money & quot; . From the point of circulation field, original $1 COINS are slowly disappearing from the market.

among them, one yuan COINS, peony, issued in 2000 due to less circulation, two years before there is market rumors will become the object of hype. But in 2009, one yuan peony money the price of the only 100 yuan.

& other; From cents to $1 peony money 2000 COINS a full range of collection, market price is in 1500 yuan. Throughout the &; Hangzhou two hundred large collection market within an enterprise, Mr Zhou said whether the price or attention, a 2000 yuan peony COINS are rallied in recent months. His hand on the spot is not more than 10 sets, and little volume every month.

& other; A basic can tell yuan peony money is hype. Throughout the &; Collection of zhejiang province association deputy secretary-general wang yu believes that due to the circulation and only a little, someone painstakingly hype this strange and little-used subjects, easy to focus on the Internet and spread. In attracting preferences after high collectors play, into attention-seeker has shipment. Not only has a price in the market at present no city, but also a part of the underground workshop of fakes, collect lover to alert.

star varieties prices halved, with the most losses

with the recent hot 2000 yuan peony money in contrast, the rest of the money almost fell broadly, most varieties even dropped to half of last year’s high prices, is struggling. Reporters yesterday in hangzhou two hundred large collections around a circle in the market, the many shops are closed, carefree get nothing of enterprises get together and play poker.

& other; Take a look at a few star variety price. Throughout the &; Manage door, says Mr Qu face value of 10 yuan of Olympics commemorative bank notes at present the market price is 3000 yuan, compared with the second half of last year the highest 5700 yuan, or nearly 50%; Another representative varieties millennium dragon chao, less than a year time, from around 3500 yuan fell to 1700, and almost no takers. Some new varieties, also can’t escape the fate of the fall. Has just been released by a few months before the dragon with a face value of 1 yuan COINS, just a available price immediately encounter hyped, rose to 20 yuan, the current prices have also dropped to 11 yuan.

the door Dai Meirong rong bao zhai, told reporters that in August last year, one of her customers in high polished version 2 in 1980 and 1980 yuan notes, and earned more than 100. When the market called & other; Throughout 802 &; Notes, prices rose to 70 yuan, the current price has dropped back to $40. & other; The people miserable, wave after entered the bedding bag inside. Throughout the &; Dai Meirong said, now someone blocks were forced to cut meat.

collect lover Mr. Chen is a radical after the most high, June and July of last year to start buying & other; Throughout 802 &; , more than ten thousand yuan. Prices are rising at first, Chen wrongly feel & other; Throughout 802 &; Will increase by one hundred yuan, but then tumbled for several months, let him be trapped. Chen calculated, at present has lost nearly 50000 yuan.