12 years old girl romance novels published 300 yuan fee incredible said his mother

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recently, hanyang rose garden primary school six ZhangJiaYan of 12 years old (4) class, get life & other; Throughout the first bucket of gold &; The short romance novels she wrote “the cloud song” published in the weekly journal love case, earning 300 yuan fee. (love case magazine positioning is youth, image, campus, fashion, romantic)

in wuhan, the youth campus romance novels is popular with middle school students and primary school students. Reporter visited many elementary schools that badge with sb on it jia yan such amateur & other Young writers & throughout; A lot, they & other; Work & throughout; The main campus romance or passing through, suspense is the subject.


primary school students love to write love, through the work of popularity with a sense of accomplishment mother: daughter mind mature than imagination teacher: does not help to write a composition to write novels

published romance novels, with 300 yuan price

ZhangJiaYan began to write novels, from four grade subjects are youth campus romance. 4 times before submitting, she says, no audio, & other; Didn’t expect this manuscript should & lsquo; In & rsquo; Accidentally received 300 yuan fee! Throughout the &;


this paper entitled “the cloud” novel full of nearly 5000 words, with boy, girl, after years of encounter scenario start, tells the story of two people in flashbacks style in high school by learning, dark born ignorant love each other, but due to the gap between two disparity, finally was admitted to different universities, romance & other; Die & throughout; .

mentioned creative inspiration, ZhangJiaYan responded: & other; Look at too many similar novel, rich imagination and some, some of them are imitated network novel writing. Throughout the &;

primary school students love to write romance, through

reporter recently visited wuhan rose garden school, schools, railway stations, both ability and political integrity have random survey in grade five and six students found that schools have an average of 5 ~ 10 such & other; Young writers & throughout; .

& other; I am writing a romance novels, called “look back” has been updated to chapter 4. Throughout the &; Rose garden primary school students of class 6 (4) Sun Relan said, hand romance, magic and adventure novels are & other; Go hand in hand & throughout; , as long as there is inspiration in life, will begin to write.

romance, crossing, suspense & hellip; & hellip; These and other Young writers & throughout; Of coverage is quite wide, the short novels of about 2000 words, the long 15000 words, and will be circulated, appreciate each other.

some of the novel is very imitation on structure layout, divided into profile, son, each big chapters and epilogue part, the author will give themselves very poetic pen name, such as micro acid curled up, begonia, beside the name with cartoon seals, very & other Author redesigns & throughout; .

& other; Of the thoughts, if hold that persistent throughout the end &; , & other In fact, the highest state of love should be give up & throughout; & hellip; & hellip; Read & other; Small writers & throughout; Articles, there is no lack of some imitated writing statements and adult feeling, let a person.

works of popularity with a sense of accomplishment

11 haze haze is & other; Young writers & throughout; Gens, & other; Write novels can release the pressure of learning, especially his work recognized by other students, and even & lsquo; Popular & rsquo; And feel a sense of accomplishment. Throughout the &;

she said that, although the parents forbade her to see now or writing a novel, but she still buy, secretly hide in the school in the drawer. In order to save money to buy a novel, lunch eat hot-and-dry noodles, obviously lying cheat parents said to eat beef noodles.

& other; Compared with youth campus novels, the world famous too boring, will not be easy to read. Throughout the &; Rose garden primary school six (6) class students FanQiXing said, some of the classics on things too abstruse, difficult to figure out what works to speak what, slowly the interest is weak.

& other; Look much like the GongSuo bead curtain “, “zhen 嬛 biography, the broken pieces back together”, such as ancient costume drama palace, also through a fantasy. Throughout the &; Having both primary school students of class five (4) Wu Xuan said, they are written through the novel, the heroine from ancient to modern, and modern people a series of funny, bizarre story. The character of the heroine has its own & other; Shadow & throughout; , some of the main characters in the novel is also a prototype from classmate & other; Processing & throughout; And come.

mother: daughter mind mature than imagination

& other; & lsquo; A small plane & rsquo; (for boys) and then how to fly high, also not overtake ribs cloud (for girls), they finally have no together. Throughout the &; ZhangJiaYan mother, ‘says Ms. Zhu such statements from the pen of daughter, really incredible.

, ‘says Ms. Zhu didn’t believe at first daughter wrote the novel was published until after the magazine publishing, before the full text and daughter about it, and is showing the sincerity between the lines, this just like her daughter’s mind than you think you are mature.

, ‘says Ms. Zhu by reading her articles and her chat, feel a little older daughter has built up his own love, understand love after school and enter society can make a big difference. Write romance novels is her interest, does not affect the learning, so no more restrictions on her.

but there are also parents against children to write novels. Parents leaves, says ms read six grades always top grade daughter, she is able to shrug off a novel at first, my dad also encouraged her to write, want to help her on the Internet. Later the daughter wrote novels too & other; Indulge & throughout; , he takes up a lot of learning time & other; Creation & throughout; , distracted, heart not only directly cause a downturn of the grades.

teacher: does not help to write a composition to write novels

& other; Novel writing requires some profound literary background and rich life experience, the novel written by students in the class is still in the pure imitation stage, only as a kind of relaxed leisure practicing writing. Throughout the &; Rose garden school. (4) classes, director of Chinese teacher hu hengjing said, at present, a lot of students to write novels mainly narrative, and statements more & other; Casual & throughout; , focus on emotional expression. The different requirements with books on composition, in a sense, writing novels help to students in writing is not very big.

& other; There are some romance novels more suitable for teenagers to read over the age of 15, but crazy circulated among primary school students. Throughout the &; Station primary 4 (1) class language teacher LuoWenLi said, were confiscated in class on a session of the sixth grade students to write a novel, it was & other; The boy is tall and handsome, let the girl shine at the moment & throughout; , between words reveals the author’s longing and yearning of affection between men and women dream, combined with the author’s own daily performance, also have certain & other; Throughout early &; Signs, which requires teachers to correctly guide from the side, the parents from the side.


Expert in

if you want to write good

have to read classics

hubei university of education, a professor at the school leaves show hair that his preteens is no longer a neotenous young children of primary school students, their social cognition, understanding is also very rich. With the coming of puberty, for love, through the novels is also belong to normal.

& other; Print more and more nowadays, the youth campus novels in the spread of primary and secondary school degree is high, and contribute to the students with more opportunities to network platform, has given rise to a new generation of more & lsquo; Small writers & rsquo; , & lsquo; Young writers & rsquo; . Throughout the &; Leaves hair said, although his preteens children social experience, but it is rich in imagination, especially the new media has created such as han han, guo jingming, jiang after a batch of non-traditional sense of the writer, in some students planted the seeds of imitation, example.

& other; Romance novels is not a scourge, write romance novels are not will germinate & lsquo; Puppy love signs & rsquo; , some adult to the child rich inner world is the process of misreading. Throughout the &; Leaves hair said, of course, the students’ first priority or learning, on the premise of finishing the task, keep amateur writing interests or desirable. & other; Want to read the classics, to grasp the idea behind the work, broaden their horizons. Writing and reading are closely related, do not understand the historical and cultural details & lsquo; The writer & rsquo; Written work is hollow. Throughout the &;

novel excerpts


a ward, Ye Ziqing sliding down the corner of a drop of tears.

good pain, lost original love is so sad, really good pain. Why is that? Purple according to want to cheat me? Hangzhou want to lie to me, this world, why so full of cheating? & other; For you to pick a flower, as you go, for you & hellip; & hellip; Covered all over the world! Throughout the &; This love is so deep, even only appears in the story & hellip; & hellip;

, I want to take he from purple in hand & hellip; & hellip;


the legend, where no people hope in a castle.

castle forbidden area there is a flower, called the heart of the rainbow. It is the warmth of human & ndash; & ndash; Tolerance, dream, hope, love, happiness, courage, solidarity as fuel.

every 5000 years, the heart of the rainbow needs a new nourishment, it will drop six petals, the last one falls to earth is predestined friends the human hand, the heart of the rainbow can only flower. Is predestined friends the human must find seven love to new petals as the heart of the rainbow. Otherwise, a year later, the heart of the rainbow will disappear together with the castle & hellip; & hellip;

and the world, it will collapse & hellip; & hellip;

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