13 th-century Italian fresco hidden mystery devil face hidden in the cloud (FIG.)

at the top of the Italian city of assisi saint Francis cathedral mural

inadvertently found the devil head

close to see paintings mystery

according to the daily mail, recently, art to repair the top division in the Italian city of assisi saint Francis cathedral murals found hidden & other; The devil & throughout; The piece, which is by the 13th century the famous painter giotto painted.

in the church at the top of the mural painting of hidden in the clouds a devil face, the mural depicts st. Francis reincarnation. Italian art historian Chiara, eph LuGang (Chiara Frugone) found in mystery, careful observation can be found that the clouds, with the devil, aquiline nose, sly smile, a pair of dark corner to hide in the cloud.

the devil shape on the ground at the cathedral of the mural is difficult to distinguish, unless shot from close range to see. Cathedral of st. Francis repair director Sergio fossett’s (Sergio Fusetti), said at the time of giotto may never want to image as the main part of the devil, so paint in the clouds, if it has been found, will be a little surprise.

usually people rarely know Giotto di – bond doner (Giotto di Bondone) of life, he is considered to be contributed to the greatness of the Italian Renaissance painters and sculptors. Joe was born in 1266 and died in January 1337. Is at the same time with giotto Giovanni – villa’s (Giovanni Villani) describe he is one of the most revered master of art, the Florence had awarded giotto painting talent with salary.

during the late 16th century biographer Giorgio Vasari – (Giorgio Vasari) describe giotto is by far the greatest painter, he cites a precise drawing technology, however, ignored for over two hundred years.

giotto’s most famous paintings drawn in padova, Chloe vinny church, completed in 1305, the murals depicting the virgin Mary and the savior of the life, is considered to be one of the early Renaissance masterpiece of supreme.