14 year old boy “drums” : old rotten POTS also achievement dream basin

& other; To force! Throughout the &; & other; Handsome burst! Throughout the &; & other; Cool! Throughout the &; & hellip; & hellip; A boy with the POTS and the paint bucket, plastic and other waste materials pieced together & other; Drums & throughout; Play the video in a short span of two months attract millions of netizens, everybody surprised that he can use simple & other Instruments & throughout; Play the music of passion, emotion and other Who have dreams are all bravo & throughout; And affectionately call him & other; Drums boy & throughout; .

reporter recently to the guangxi zhuang autonomous region, nanning heng, interviewed & other; Drums boy & throughout; Liu Guxin, walk into the dreams of 14 young inner world.

network dream blooming flowers

the chair put up an old washbasin, bricks on a lousy POTS and spread a layer of plastic waste paper and erected on the stick to hang a few iron & hellip; & hellip; This is the network of the heat transfer & other; Drums boy & throughout; Liu Guxin & other; Instruments & throughout; . In such a cobbled together from old items & other; Drums & throughout; Before, Liu Guxin play is full of passion, can be seen in the network video, “from jiao”, “run away”, “old boy” and other songs by his performance is quite good.

the original upload video for entertaining themselves Liu Guxin how also have never thought of the space, the video was in just two months by millions of netizens, only one “from jiao” traffic was as high as 730000.

at the same time, a caring & other; The butterfly effect & throughout; Thus bring about on the Internet, many were & other; Drums boy & throughout; Touched of Internet users have been asking for: & other; Who is the boy? How can we help him on the road of dreams go further? Throughout the &;

shenzhen net friend working in the field of music & other; MengNaLi hin & throughout; , after seeing the Liu Guxin network video found Liu Guxin through network, put forward by video remote tutor for him. Although think you can do is limited, but he still hopes to on music & other; Like a blank sheet of paper & throughout; Liu Guxin impart some professional knowledge.

& other sina Every party publish or perish & throughout; Not only through the microblogging forwarding Liu Guxin playing video, also called friends provide relevant clues, & other; To give him a set of drums & throughout; .

related to music & other; Stubborn & throughout;

Liu Guxin a crowded with several families relatives live in a tall building in heng county gloomy old houses, the roof of a small platform. The so-called & other; Throughout the concert &; That & other; Drums & throughout; Move on to the platform, with hung on sticks flashlight as & other; The spotlight & throughout; To pay two dollars for 10 to a fireworks display, light some candles, and then began to sing from.

& other; For a long time, I ask myself why so like music, like singing so much & hellip; & hellip; Since chose, that I will always hold on & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; A & other; Fans & throughout; After the screams, & other; Stubborn concert & throughout; Protagonist Liu Guxin, followed by such a & other; True confession & throughout; .

but in fact, this & other; Throughout the concert &; Only Liu Guxin and cousin two people, an audience also have no, & other; Fans & throughout; Screaming is two brothers had a lot of trouble trying to deserve to go up & other Sound & throughout; . However, Liu Guxin when to reporters play the audio or couldn’t help reveal a happy smile. Although the family and neighbors think they are & other; Crazy & throughout; , but Liu Guxin revel, feel & other; If there are a lot of people listening & throughout; .

although & other; Throughout the concert &; Drive too much, but for western born in a poor family and grew up in a remote small town Liu Guxin, grew up with music intersection is negligible.

Liu Guxin told reporters that he had to have two so far related to music awards. Third grade, to attend & other; Top ten campus small singer & throughout; Game, the school made a diploma and a surface coated with the paint of aluminium alloy & other; Gold & throughout; . But since the school has never held such activities, he never get a chance to win.

this year on May 1, on the first of the Liu Guxin took part in the school campus singing competition, got his second music title, he give all a RMB 200 bonus for his mother, he said: & other; Mother a person to work for the family is too hard, I still don’t spend some money. Throughout the &;

is this & other; Sensible & throughout; , let Liu Guxin never with her mother put forward the requirement of learning music. Family had sent him to learn a month of the guitar, but he felt a month 150 yuan tuition is too high and give up, since then concentrate with cousin at home with his own & other; Drums & throughout; .

in the network video & other; Drums & throughout; Although very simple, but two brothers after more than a year of time modified & other; Update & throughout; . Liu Guxin said, original basin is good, then slowly knocked flat, but fortunately POTS will not bad.

dream need more care

at Liu Guxin also put on the roof of a set of new drums, it is a net friend & other Every party publish or perish & throughout; Insist on to him. & other; Every party publish or perish & throughout; Pass him the Liu Guxin with drums to pose for photos in weibo, said & other; Who can be great, I am proud of you! Throughout the &;

Liu Guxin friends never thought of the home, the child can & other; With & throughout; The size of the action. For the road to the future, 14-year-old Liu Guxin aren’t very confident & ndash; & ndash; His biggest wish is like their idols & other; Mayday & throughout; Combination in front of a lot of people like that singing loudly. & other; But it is very difficult, need to rely on talent, and, to learn music are too expensive! Throughout the &;

with the enhancing awareness, part of the online & other; Don’t be outspoken & throughout; Also let the 14-year-old boy is a little bit confused about what to do. When a reporter for & other; Drums & throughout; When filming, Liu Guxin wanted to think, or match the causeway up later, changed with the moon cake until the lid. & other; I think I’ll use my original good, this is later on. Throughout the &; He said. Have net friend message said Liu Guxin & other; Show & throughout; That he spake to buy causeway, with iron & other; Poor throughout the &; . In fact, in the local, causeway is an old but also a few dollars, but is the net friend is so careless words, was this sensitive boy in the mind.

more netizens called for, to grassroots dream, society needs more careful attention. & other; In hard environment can adhere to the dream is good, why so much criticism, why use adult world & lsquo; Successful & rsquo; Standard to request a 14 years old. Throughout the &; The net friend & other; The sunshine of the wind & throughout; Said.