16 books that changed the world: Hitler’s “mein kampf” in the column (figure)

in 1956, former chairman of the national library association, university of Illinois, library director Robert & middot; Downs (Robert Downs B) published a “book of change the World” (Books that Changed the World), he has chosen the Renaissance to the middle of the 20th century during the 16 this natural science and social science classics, and the life of every author of a book, the influence of the content summary, history and so on all are discussed. After its publication, reprinted many times, is one of the best sellers of DouShuJie abroad, in the 1980 s, our country also has published the book introduction. Robert & middot; Downs comments on boundlessly why, he did not, it is impossible to summarize all had profound influence on the ideas in modern the great books of the human spirit; All is not also, this book also promotes the development of human civilization, science and progress of good works (such as books). In addition, Robert & middot; Downs are made out of this book with obvious tendency of eurocentrism, reflect the americans or the idea of a & other Throughout the world &; .

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1, [Italy] Machiavelli (1469 & ndash; 1527) : the prince (1532)

Machiavelli’s the prince is not only became the later generations and anti-feudal ideological weapon of the church, but also put forward a set of rule strategy for all previous dynasties monarchs and political expediency. After the prince book chapter 26, chapter 12 is the key of the book, the comprehensive governance theory of Machiavelli.

in Machiavelli’s writings, the prince is the smallest one, but the most famous, from west to east, in the field of religious, political, academic and social caused strong response, some scholars believe that only reading Machiavelli’s the prince and at the same time “dialogue”, to fully understand his thoughts. The prince is the monarchy national principles and politics, followed by the “dialogue” is about the system of the republic of the governing principles and means.