1915 Zhu Qi eagle dismantling the old Beijing the first block wall brick opposition

dashilan is the first asphalt road in Beijing. The graph is signed Zhu Qi bells overhaul file.

a lot of people know liang sicheng and Lin huiyin, few people know is Zhu Qi bells out of the room (hall child zhao alley no. 3), investment (he is the biggest contributor) founded by construction society has trained a number of studies of ancient people: liang sicheng, Lin huiyin, Liu Duizhen, Wang Shixiang, ChanShiYuan, luo & hellip; & hellip; Is Zhu Qi eagle removed the old Beijing in 1915 the first brick in the wall.

congestion of the city began as early as one hundred years ago, the cause is in Beijing to serve and hankou-beijing railway intersection in Beijing. In 1900, the g8 coalition forces invaded Beijing, the qing government in the face of great powers have to sign a much less convenient, one of the conditions of powers is to make the train into the city. Outside the qianmen is the end of the two Beijing serve, hankou-beijing railway, it is conceivable that the age of cold weapons for defense is not adapt to the gates of the train, changes brought by the modern transportation, such as congestion is very serious. Beiyang government & other; Throughout the interior length &; , had earlier under outer urban policeman hall hall cheng, jingshi municipal supervisory (equivalent to the mayor of Beijing today Zhu Qi eagle knows this, and this bold down the barbican, retain embrasured watchtower, the wall of qianmen opened two openings on both sides of the retrofit scheme, with the traffic, convenient travel. After announced plans for city uproar, think it & other; The city damage throughout the &; The opposition. But zhu resist pressure against public opinion.

on June 16, 1915 morning, the sky under the drizzle, qianmen renovation ceremony started at the time of the beiyang government auspices. In order to make the project smoothly, & other; President & throughout; Give silver pick a handle, engrave: & other; The interior ministry chief zhu kai eagle serve President command modify qianmen, zhu chief, hence on June 16, one thousand nine hundred and five the first brick using this device to remove the old city, give the traffic it forever. Throughout the &; Zhu Qi bells with the silver picks removed under the eyes of the one thousand Beijing the first brick in the wall, marked the Beijing old city reconstruction began. Zhu used silver picks existing from tsinghua university architecture museum.

just south of tiananmen square, north of qianmen, a three que original qing door (republic of China, called the gate of China), around the north of the east-west bungalows has one hundred and ten rooms, said & other; Thousand step gallery & throughout; ; North and east, and west to fold bungalows among 34, changan left door in the east, west changan right door, the door to the east, xidan respectively called east, west chang an avenue, between two doors for & other; Yin & throughout; , that is, the predecessor of today changan avenue. Thousand step gallery and Yin wai synthesized a T glyph of small square.

the monarchy after the end, qian pu lang day long abandoned, but also affect the traffic around the square, Zhu Qi eagle to dismantle and remove the tiled timber carried country places, the first of its kind in the planning and construction of Beijing park & ndash; & ndash; The central park. In 1914, Zhu Qi bells began to launch a gentleman, donations, to state the altar set up as a recreational place for visitors to have a rest. & other; Central park & throughout; Also known as & other; Millet garden & throughout; , what is now & other; Zhongshan park & throughout; . Subsequently, changan left door and door right also demolished, overall through chang ‘an street, previous & other; YuJie & throughout; Become a main road for people to travel.

a park after he began to arrange Beijing streets ditch, put those & other; Waterway Yan scale, residential faint pad, Huan Hui Yin fill, into a bitter inconvenience & throughout; Place for & other; Cleared the gate, open ChiDao, 濬 vicious e. pool, product flow rate, soil dust indicates in addition to the family, routed through invasion way of cutting, the world is already, the wall is xing & throughout; .