22 years old girl did not go out of the house for eight years psychological age or only see 15 years old

Zhang Rou don't want to talk to people, but very interested in the tablet to the reporter reporter zhao taken

Zhang Rou don’t want to talk to people, but is interested in the reporter’s tablet The reporter Zhao taken

media yesterday reported a 22 year old girl Zhang Rou county did not go out of the house for eight years, after our correspondent with the help of outside the home. On February 28 morning, the national psychological consultant, weinan hamming Du Wuzhang, director of the center for psychological counseling and reporters traveling with the changs, face to face communication with Zhang Rou.

obsession with computer & other; This is too expensive, you gift I will & throughout;

at 2 PM, see the door of the two journalists, watch TV at home alone Zhang Rou face wore the look of a happy, soon restore calm. Then she noticed the journalists behind the psychological consultant Du Wuzhang, although we call it the driver, but Zhang Rou still very alert, constantly look at Mr. Du, answer this question is also more cautious.

the journalists and Zhang Rou broad, Du Wuzhang found Zhang Rou written schedule in childhood, the handwriting is very neat, pleasing but it caused the Zhang Rou discontent, and even to his & other; Go out & throughout; . Du Wuzhang asked Zhang Rou, want to do what kind of career, Zhang Rou don’t want to answer. At 3 PM, shaanxi TV reporter also came to the zhangs’ interview. Because of concerns that the camera is too big, repels the Zhang Rou, cameraman can only be observed at the door.

a television reporter walked into the room, see Zhang Rou mobile game is playing with our reporter, they took out to Zhang Rou. Zhang Rou enthusing about the game, played for a few hours. Several journalists in and out, Zhang Rou also won’t have time.

see Zhang Rou rubbing his sore wrists, also won’t let go of the computer, the reporter remind Zhang Rou don’t play too long, the proposal last time she wanted to look at pictures jan. Zhang Rou has turned down. She says this is his first time to play games, so love it.

reporters like to buy one. Zhang Rou refused, raise the tablet with a smile, & other; This is too expensive, nothing I will you! Throughout the &;

behavior interpret regression psychological caused regression behavior

& other; Girl’s mental age may only see 15 years old, thinking like a girl. Throughout the &; After half a day of close observation and conversation, Du Wuzhang said, because the Zhang Rou un-protected is not easily to strangers, so analysis only from his words and deeds.

he analysis, see the reporter several strangers for his interest, such as Zhang Rou refused to the tone of the person very proud, I can see you also enjoy this feeling of ZhongXingPengYue. Her attitude wayward speech and behaviour, proud by attention to the psychological, just fits the characteristics of adolescence.

& other; The boy is very clever. Throughout the &; Du Wuzhang said, when communicating with people, Zhang Rou reaction speed, showing her heart is very sensitive. As you can see, she also yearned for tablets and other new things from the outside, but poor family cannot meet, let Zhang Rou is conceited and inferiority, together with its complex family, early may suffer from trauma, let its exclusive contact with outsiders, habits returned to think safety zone, this caused a regression regression psychological behavior.

Du Wuzhang advice, if you can find Zhang Rou birth mother, sister and other relatives, to accompany her life for a period of time, or take Zhang Rou to the bustling city, contact the external environment, may be able to improve. (internship reporter Chen)