“24” the host Qiu Qiming: I don’t anti-party anti-government not vulgar

Qiu Qiming said: in a world of chai jing, smile is very expensive, is her heart problem, or a problem with the outside world

he is not handsome, hairline, seem lank hair. Also far from clear pronunciation and mellow voice, he even to the attachment of colleagues in the lens Zhao Pu said with a loud voice & other; Hi, Zhao Jin & throughout; . As the royal guard soldiers without epaulettes, anchor since he never wear a suit and tie. To rise, lack of consciousness of team, said he was angry and nasty background editor quickly cut excess news, cut length and he even beyond some milliseconds.

before March 24, his comments is that you can hear from the China central television (CCTV) in the middle of the night the day the most deep voice & ndash; & ndash; He is a CCTV news essay “24 hours” anchor, Qiu Qiming.

on March 23, Qiu Qiming sent a micro Po: if their rights are not protected, the essay I want your he2 yong4? Puppet producer, I live than you free! Goodbye!

countless people dumbfounded. Qiu Qiming explained that he was not & other; Bumps & throughout; But & other; Depressed for a long time, once & throughout; .

but clearly perceive that he is too care about the platform: & other; In this platform, to feel do something. Big dare not say, I can only say that help the program team, help CCTV, this being shouted CCAV platform, a little bit of cumulative sharp weapon. Throughout the &; Qiu Qiming genuinely want to do, because the CCTV give him too much, & other; Namely fame and fortune. So, with the platform anyone but touching his conscience, must return something positive. Throughout the &; This is he determined to leave the news essay vague reasons.