30 million years ago, human ancestors or music skills Music before language

is the first language, or the music? Biologists at the university of Vienna’s latest research suggests that music should come first. And, the common ancestor of humans and monkeys has music skills in thirty million years ago.

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music before language appear

biologist at the university of Vienna, a new study explains why chimpanzees can tap roots, and why the monkeys cry sometimes like to sing. Relevant research report published in the journal biology letters recently. The study also solved a similar & other; The chicken or the egg came first & throughout; Question: is the first language, or the music? The answer should be first music.

the study’s author, cognitive biology at the university of Vienna, Dr. Andrea & middot; Ravi said that music behavior is the first step to constitute a phonological model, after gradually formed. He and colleagues called & other; Affiliate detect & throughout; Ability, the ability to identify syllables, words, and the relationship between the notes. For example, we have to listen to the Do – Re – Mi notes, when playing like the Do – Re – Fa we can recognize the error of the notes, because the latter does not agree with our expectations. The researchers did an experiment on monkeys. In general, the monkey of music there will be no response, but it captures the monkeys the subtle changes in the attention. In the experiments, squirrel monkeys sitting in the front room, listen to the three unique model consisting of a group of music, whenever the model changes, the monkey will gaze staring blankly for a long time, as if to say: & other; Hey, what’s the matter? Throughout the &;

one of the authors Ruth & middot; So-voioe bell, according to design species specificity music stimulation experiment will help to observe the squirrel monkey insight. Experiments confirmed that squirrel monkeys to understand the change of music mode. This ability evolution in the small fur arboreal primates of at least 30 million years ago, it was the last common ancestor of humans and monkeys species, probably today all primates inherited this music recognition ability.

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music comprehension than expected

the study found that human primates outside of music recognition ability than previously expected, squirrel monkeys high tones sound sounds like the birds, wild chimpanzees will tap roots.

ravi that are suitable for primate with colleagues drum, primarily for the gorilla custom hard electronic Musical Instruments and facilitate their voices. They are in a group of chimpanzees to electric drum do pilot research, found that animals in use process shown enthusiasm, prompted them to research into it. They are ready to collect the voice of the gorilla and find the music structure.

Wisconsin & middot; Madison university professor of psychology and zoology Charles & middot; Snowden that produce has the ability to the voice of the organization, has been the characteristics of the primates. But according to this definition, should also be included in many singing bird, this means that the origin of music in the level of evolution may be even more profound. Therefore, the study of the monkey is very meaningful. As snowden said: & other; This is not surprising, music has an ancient history, not just related to human evolution. Throughout the &; In this area, they expect people to the future on the study of the human species can put some more attention.