30 years Old English was “grandpa” the youngest girlfriend dumped sued loser (FIG.)

Britain’s youngest grandpa shen & middot; Davis recently broke up with his girlfriend. Girlfriend said he was a & other; Garbage father & throughout; .

according to the daily mail reported Thursday, last year just became Britain’s youngest 30 years old grandpa shen & middot; Davis recently abandoned by his girlfriend. Girlfriend complain that he is a loser father, often go out drinking at night.

22 & robin middot; Thomas recently for Davis gave birth to a baby boy, because can’t stand drinking Davis and irresponsible way of life, her children to carry out, live in a hotel.

charges, robin davies bubble in a bar all day, a week, or even a day don’t want to take care of newborn babies. & other; Every afternoon a plunge into a bar and closing didn’t leave until the evening. He doesn’t want to change their lifestyle, this is too much. Throughout the &;

when Davis 29 last year became Britain’s youngest grandfather, he had vowed, to granddaughter Gracie to better life, he might make every effort. However, Davis’s commitment to a flash in the pan. According to robin, he quickly back to the bar drinking, home very late every night.

robin in the university law school before becoming pregnant. When she said, in a move to the hotel was very panic, because she had no money to rent a better house.

Davis, said robin’s allegations are purely lie, just want money. She moved to the hotel is entirely personal choice.

kinder Davis from wales. Last year, his daughter think jas 15 birthday week gave birth to a baby girl Gracie. Davis became Britain’s youngest grandfather, once got on the headlines.