32 countries diplomatic envoys of qingcheng mountain to learn tai chi Mrs Envoy of tai chi

, including 18 ambassador from 32 countries nearly 60 cluster Taoism diplomatic envoys of 3, places of dujiangyan qingcheng mountain, sichuan province, to learn tai chi chuan, on a cultural tour.

in & other; 2012 China & middot; Dujiangyan tomb-sweeping day & water throughout; During, & other Search for the most worthy of being introduced embassy to international & lsquo; Humanities water conservancy wonders of the world & rsquo; & ndash; & ndash; Dujiangyan & throughout; Theme activities held in dujiangyan.

in the morning, in the mountains, trees, quiet umbrageous qingcheng mountain also known, wearing a uniform gray outfit and stood in the center of the “martial arts small disciple, ambassadors enthusiastic study the qingcheng mountain tai chi. Qingcheng mountain sent any article generation head Liu Suibin step-by-step ambassadors gesture gesture.

the Malaysian minister barak & middot; Premesh chandran told inter press service & middot; Arcelormittal, said Chinese friends will also tai chi in Malaysia, but it was his first experience of taiji, and it is in such a beautiful place, very interesting.

the Malaysian minister lady, ms guli said in Beijing last summer has 30 minister Mrs. Tai chi in the embassy. This & other; Minister Mrs. Chi team & throughout; This summer will continue. & other; We want to a deeper understanding of the tai chi and Chinese culture. Throughout the &; Minister said.

3, around & other; Water conservancy culture & throughout; , & other The Taoism culture & throughout; , & other The panda culture & throughout; , & other Folk culture & throughout; And & other Post-disaster reconstruction & throughout; Five theme, the ambassadors are also visited dujiangyan earthquake relief galleries, envoys of library books, calligraphy copy & other; Thanks to dujiangyan water, asked qingcheng mountain, close to the giant panda & throughout; With the words. Base is put in wild giant pandas, wearing a panda’s ambassadors, together with the local children personally planted bamboo for the giant panda, and the giant panda amused close interaction.

4, dujiangyan, ambassadors will attend the annual qingming festival water section. This is local to celebrate the dujiangyan irrigation project completion of annual repairs and into the spring production busy season, at the same time also in memory of the bing and his son built dujiangyan and held a grand celebration.