37, national first-level actor guofeng’s death Starred in the movie “father”


LiaoShen evening, beiguo net reporter learns from liaoning people’s art theatre, national first-level actor, liaoning people’s clothing, general manager of guofeng on May 29, 17, 22 points because of late liver cancer, died in liaoning province people’s hospital, age of 37.

the clothes guofeng starred in the movie “the father,” drama “woman village”, “to the ups and downs, tsing yi and other audiences. Garment guofeng has contribution is also on the drama stage, starred in “carpenter village official”, “Zhou Enyi”, such as a number of drama, won a drama art performance in liaoning province, China golden lion, etc. Garment guofeng remains farewell ceremony, at 8 a.m. on May 31, back to longgang cemetery.

147 days struggle with cancer

adhere to show drama

liaoning yu-chun zhang, vice President of the people’s art theatre told reporters, & other; He is our theatre of young actor, is our strong training and selecting young cadres. He died on the liaoning people is definitely a big loss. Throughout the &;

because of emotional, slightly after garment guofeng wife Hu Hai surplus stability, Hu Hai surplus to display of the clothing to the reporter guofeng anti-cancer process. Last year on December 5, peak in the country to rehearse, suddenly abdominal pain side stitches, and the hurt is about three or four days, he thought it was cholecystitis, after physical examination, diagnosed with terminal cancer. & other; He has been struggling with cancer for 147 days. When checking out the terminal stage of cancer at the time, but he to comfort his family, he also surf the net to find information. He said he should why, why should rehearse rehearse and the work to work, the dinner to eat. Later, we went to Beijing for consultation, at that time have done intervention (local chemotherapy of cancer), but the doctor is diagnosed cancer cells has been transferred to the lungs, the hospital has been sentenced to death. Throughout the &; Hu Hai surplus at some point originally bay there is calm, and was broken by tears.

Hu Hai surplus memories, at that time to get medical certificate, cried all the way. Ethiopia peak also said to his wife, & other; If you do have to pay back money & throughout; liver transplantation , according to Hu Hai surplus guofeng, clothing is a particularly those who are afraid of trouble to others.

6 year old daughter

in September to elementary school

Hu Hai surplus, clothing is the peak in May last year which became the general manager of liaoning people’s art theatre co., LTD. He told the liao art enterprises is very thoughtful, quite a few young people in the theatre all went to the hospital to see him, just think he like a flag. Ethiopia peak before, particularly optimistic, earlier this year the Spring Festival, the three went to the zhuhai for vacation. Romantic roses guofeng also gave his wife.

secretary of liaoning people’s art theatre tong spring is introduced, and the other; Ethiopia peak is our new team member of the liaoning people but we focus on training of young cadres. In art, he also considerable achievements, including in recent years, our product some of the stage, he almost has cast. Last year it was in the second edition of drama “Zhou Enyi upcoming when they found out he had cancer. Even though he is suffering from cancer of the liver, but he still insists on drama starring. Throughout the &;

garment guofeng’s house, in addition to his wife Hu Hai surplus, elderly mother, and a just 6 years old daughter, according to family, 6 year old daughter, haven’t go to school, in September this year to elementary school in grade one.

LiaoShen evening, beiguo net peak home interview, reporters rushed to the country girl was politely say hello to the reporter.

LiaoShen evening, beiguo net reporter Song Bohong