4 s geographical name wrong Qinhuangdao “qin ecliptic”

citizens reflect: lee Posting, you use the iphone 4 s own weather software, originally called qinhuangdao, but show & other; Qin ecliptic & throughout; , Mr Li question 4 s appear such errors, it is ridiculous.

check: 10 sets press random find 4 s mobile phone, in its own weather software, qinhuangdao does show for & other; Qin ecliptic & throughout; .

reply: apple, senior technology consultant, says ms deng confirmed by check after the search, there are geographical name wrong. The weather information in software are from the yahoo server, apple can change the wrong places, yahoo has registered and truthfully feedback to related department, and will supervise and urge the timely correcting.

yahoo China, said yahoo China now, do your own portal website, the weather information is a U.S. company yahoo software research and development. Before the deadline, the U.S. company yahoo hasn’t respond to the mail.