400000 years ago the ancestors of human genomics or rewrite European pedigree

German scientists research and development of new technology to extract DNA and sequencing of the ancients, reveals the ancient secrets.

Germany, Spain and China paleoanthropologist successfully decoded the oldest yet found the DNA of the human family, is likely to change before the scientific community to the ancestors of Europe & other; A family tree & throughout; Some of the views.

the AFP news agency reported Thursday, this study result shows that the complicated relationship between human populations, throw some mystery.

human DNA decoded in 300000, the legislature

this DNA study found in Spain with a piece of ancient human leg bone as an object, it is estimated that the leg about 400000 years ago. Previously decoded the DNA of the oldest human remains of about 100000 years ago, the research to push the steps of human DNA to decipher the ancient in 300000. After in view of the fossils of early gene sequencing generally confined to the late pleistocene, and this is the first time successfully extracted DNA from the middle pleistocene fossil and complete sequencing, helps to further explore human evolution path, so as to further perfect ancient map.

this leg in northern Spain’s el card heights & other; The bone pit & throughout; To belong to homo heidelbergensis was found, after research. Heidelberg is one of European homo erectus, lived from 500000 to 400000, one of the earliest homo erectus was discovered to date in Europe.

& other; The bone pit & throughout; Is the world’s largest ancient fossils and the fossil from about 700000 to 700000 years from now in the pleistocene. So far, has 28 with human skeleton unearthed from there. & other; The bone pit & throughout; In addition to found a batch of homo erectus fossil, also found some cave bear fossil. Because & other; The bone pit & throughout; Not found in the ancient fossils of food or tools, why found in a cave so dense ancient fossils, is still a mystery now.

the Max & middot; At the Max Planck institute for evolutionary anthropology in leading the study. Besides paleoanthropologists, Germany, Spain and China researchers also jointly decoded the DNA, and draw the DNA sequence. Tripartite co-authored the report published in the latest issue of the journal nature.

swan, director of the institute, & middot; Paabo said: & other; Our results show, we can now to the life in hundreds of thousands of years ago the ancestors of DNA was studied. Throughout the &;

unexpected results out of the many possible

swan, & middot; Paabo says the deciphered the biggest significance of DNA is more than analysis the relationship between the human ancestors, but the results surprise.

the first 2 grams extracted from the leg bone meal, and then to the mitochondrial chromosomes of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA). Mitochondrial DNA is the genetic material in the mitochondria, is an important index of maternal vein. Through the detection of mitochondrial DNA, can comb maternal blood relationship.

after get sorted gene, the researchers will map with modern humans, apes, neanderthals and Danny francois person’s genome.

in 2012, scientists found in Siberia & other; X girl & throughout; Fossil DNA proved that Danny francois the existence of the new population. What this means is that tens of thousands of years ago, the human genealogy in at least three different members have common life, modern people are, Danny francois and cave man.

scientists had previously thought, Heidelberg man to be the ancestor of modern humans and neanderthals Shared, but the DNA research not only overthrew the speculation, and showed a surprising result & ndash; & ndash; Heidelberg man with & other; X girl & throughout; Is Danny francois people more & other; Close & throughout; .

one report co-written matias & middot; Meyer said: & other; In fact, & lsquo; The bone pit & rsquo; Found in the mitochondrial DNA and Danny francois consanguinity, rather than the caveman, the unexpected. Throughout the &;

the results out of the many possible. One possibility is that the Heidelberg man with neanderthals and Danny francois related to a common ancestor, but more & other; Pro & throughout; Danny francois side; Another possibility is that the common features of homo heidelbergensis from a man with Danny francois with similar DNA populations of another human being. But no matter what kind of possible, suggests that the evolution of the relationship between human populations of imagination and reasoning more complicated than the past.

will further research & other; The bone pit & throughout; Bones

the researchers couldn’t explain current Heidelberg and Danny francois closer to reason. Danny francois, after all, people live in Siberia and parts of Asia, and Heidelberg in Germany and around Europe.

, the researchers said they will be next to & other; The bone pit & throughout; 28 bones bones unearthed a detailed research, from the perspective of gene to explore homo heidelbergensis, neanderthals and Danny francois between people.

some scientists say that if we can extract the ossification genesis of other types of DNA, the nucleus DNA, for example, may explain some problems. Nuclear DNA can carry more information, can be explained more relationship issues about the population evolution process. Nuclear DNA, however, it is difficult to draw, but meyer said, looking forward to part extracted from ossification stone fragments.

for scientists, & other; The bone pit & throughout; Is a great ancient fossils & other; Freezer & throughout; . Its properties at low temperature, it is the best condition of ancient fossils preserved. Generally speaking, the human evolution occurs in temperate areas, but the fossil is need to be preserved in low temperature environment. As in & other; The bone pit & throughout; Fossils of the hundreds of thousands of years ago in the past can only be found on the permafrost.

in Africa, tropical climate make DNA information is kept very difficult. Even if the fossil record to extract DNA information only tens of thousands of years ago, for scientists, is also very rare gift.