41 years old version appeared in Britain “sister lotus” said because beauty hurt (FIG.)

samantha & middot; Mr Rick

41, I may be only a few are looking forward to & other The running of the five & throughout; Good for failure of women of color, I look forward to wrinkles and white hair can let me into the boundless and indistinct.

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according to the guangzhou daily reported & other; Women hate me for no other, it is good-looking appearance throughout & for me; & ndash; & ndash; This new quotations, but feel a British woman writer. She has & other; Red & throughout; To gain the & other; Throughout world &; Attack, British newspapers have reported her size & other; Deeds & throughout; .

samantha & middot; He is a British writer, the daily mail samantha since 2009 column for this newspaper, as of this month, she suddenly burst, nearly 20 articles to write, but no one can response with her titled & other published on April 3, Pretty is not all is a good thing: why women resent me beauty & throughout; This article. This article makes the daily mail website hits spurt of millions of people, attracted 4500 comments in a short period of time. KATE wrote: from London & other; I can hardly finish see this article, she incredibly narcissistic blocked me. Throughout the &; From New York net friend quipped: & other; Your English definition of beauty is broad. Throughout the &; British comedian is found, a comedian, said: & other; I had just left his wife abandoned child because I met samantha desire to one day! Throughout the &;

on their own, samantha said & other; Shock and sadness throughout the &; , she said she must outwit a deep love for their own husband, or he may be due to spare his wife & other; Retaliate & throughout; , & other; The attack shows I did suffer for beauty & throughout; .