50 yuan have journey to the west faces? The human body “super ability” illusion

the netizens found on 100 yuan & other; Bow down to the cat & throughout; Soon, some netizens found on 50 yuan the journey to the west of teacher and pupil four faces. The findings from a large number of comments, people have debated: & other; Really like! Throughout the &; & other; Nothing like ah. Throughout the &; & other; This is the grandstanding & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &;

so, what did 50 yuan on facebook? It is understood that the design is in the charge of the bank, and for a variety of purposes, specific design are classified, so we can’t confirm whether facebook completely real. Even so, this phenomenon is still a problem worth thinking: why do some people can pay attention to the facebook and others not? Look at the shape of the same, why do some people think like facebook and others don’t care? These two seemingly the same problems actually has two different solutions.

why most people turn a blind eye to

since someone discovered the existence of facebook, so we might as well to assume a really have a journey to the face. The question came out, the whole of China billions of people in the use of the yuan, why only a few people noticed the facebook? In other words, why does the rest turn a blind eye?

we have a pair of keen eyes, has more than 180 & deg; Vision, consciously things won’t get out of our sight drawn. But the truth otherwise. In order to save resources, our brain will not be processed all information into the eye. So, what information will be priority? Is our gaze, the so-called fixation point is the focus of binocular vision. Mouth says, : ok, we will come back to the test: please try to find from the below many T L.

please try from many find L T

found it? Before we find, we will take the initiative to glance at each letter, screening and try to find the L. However, when we first see this picture, the letter L in theory has been projected onto the retina, why we can’t scout out the existence of L?

this is due to our retina can be divided into the central sunken and peripheral retinal, including central sunken than peripheral retinal has more cones, and cone cell also more sensitive to colors and shapes. Therefore, we can’t distinguish between the peripheral retinal subtle differences in Texas and Louisiana, can only rely on the central concave to find, and the central concave on the projection images, is our gaze.

it is worth noting that facebook is bow down in cat event soon discovered, discovery is likely to be in & other; Bow down to the cat & throughout; Inspired by specially focuses on the decorative pattern of the yuan, so to find.

it is illusion or personal imagination

according to incomplete statistics, think that the net friend of journey to the west facebook does not exist a majority, so think 50 yuan to have a journey to the west face the people see what is it? Is vision, or a personal imagination?

they see, it is regarded as a kind of illusion, and the illusion from all Shared & other; Super ability & throughout; & ndash; & ndash; Perceptual organization ability. The following two figures, for example, believe that we can all see the left there is A triangle, right there is A square and A circle. But look carefully again, left really exists triangle? And left A figure why not figure C D graphic overlay with 3/4 rounded or strange? Triangle, square and round in our eyes are in fact does not exist, but our brains can supplement by oneself, imagine the edge of the triangle and right concealed area, enables us to see don’t exist. This & other; Super ability & throughout; Also create conditions for facebook found the journey to the west.

in addition, for those who first sees no facebook, looked at the completion of the pictures before suddenly think have facebook, is a little different. Let’s take 10 seconds to see below, we can see what things? The early us it’s hard to see anything, but read the answer to see, will make it easy to see a dog.

this will depend on another of our brain capacity & ndash; & ndash; A perceptual category, is also the different visual information into a class, it helps us to dog of color perception as a whole. After this to read the answer that the yuan have facebook for people.

in the end, the journey to the west faces problems or not is still not solved, but we can still from the discoverer, identity and deniers discusses three distinct perspective of the defects in our visual perception and ability. The outside world so large amount of information, and our eyes and brain is only limited resources, can’t deal with infinite information completely, so only through & other; Turn a blind eye & throughout; To reduce the processing load, through & other; To see things not exist throughout the &; To optimize treatment scheme.