500 grains of tree species with the Apollo moon Existing more than 80 live

if an old Korean pine federal court next to a thick skin stings seems to be a little rare earth, this is because it is those involved in the task of Apollo 14 January 1971, director of the seeds.

these thick skin stab Korean pine is often referred to as the moon tree, their seed is part of the test. Stewart & middot; Rosa became the astronauts of Apollo 14 ships and command module pilot before, he is engaged in the forestry department of an airborne fire fighters, the firemen to put out a fire by parachuting into remote areas.

Rosa were asked to carry five trees nearly 500 kinds of seed for flight mission in 1971, he put them into the personal equipment. America’s space agency, NASA, the national space science data center of David & middot; Dr Williams said: & other; They carry out scientific experiments and the species. Throughout the &; Williams for NASA research and record these in the moon tree. When Apollo 14 to return to the earth’s atmosphere, and carry the seeds of the container is opened these seeds are mixed together.

officials believe there is no use these seeds in addition to planted them to see if they are still able to grow. Close to 450 saplings from the seeds. Williams said: & other; These trees were planted in the same plant trees beside to observe whether there will be a difference between them, but found nothing. Throughout the &;

when Williams received an E-mail from a primary school teacher when I was interested in the moon tree. He said: & other; They are carrying out a project about trees and put a moon tree as a symbol of girl scout camp. They think it’s very interesting and began to investigate the moon tree. In 1996, I began to study, and created a web page, because I think it’s very cool. Throughout the &;

NASA officials send these kind of MiaoFa space to members of congress and the national forest service institutions nationwide. Since their historic space travel, now nearly 80 moon tree is still alive. Even in the country are 28 second generation of the moon tree survive.

Arkansas received four moon tree, but only two survived. One of them lives in Washington state park, historic state park Billy Nations said: & other; Both the moon tree planting on March 15, in 1976, is the Arbor Day. Throughout the &;