500 million estate cause transatlantic Italian family legacy case three generations of a lawsuit for 16 years

in Florence, Italy Petra manor is the focal point of a transatlantic legacy case, New York university and later generations for fiorentina acton family into a lawsuit for 16 years, Florence court trial in November. The most significant aspect of the case is not only a manor belongs, and the old house owner acton family of three generations of enmity.

Petra manor houses & have spent & have spent

valuable estate

honey colored walls of Florence, Petra manor is a typical country house, but also a valuable art palace. The old house legend began in British Italian art dealer Arthur & middot; Acton, his collection of antiques and art let Petra manor have & other; The soul & throughout; .

Arthur was born in 1873, is a British Naples noble acton & middot; Le pearl nano distant relatives of the prince. Compared with the relatives of descent noble, Arthur is not rich, but not lack of money. The end of the 19th century, he became an American construction company, Stanford & middot; White representative in Italy, the company’s customers are of deep-pocketed U.S. financial oligarchs.

great about Arthur’s unique artistic taste, he is seeking and acquisition of art and antiques furniture is put in Petra manor house. At that time the art market is much less than the hot today, & other; So long as discriminating & throughout; Arthur’s granddaughter, dia tower & middot; Than the ache, says Petra manor paintings and furniture are 14 to 16 century, 1960 years ago is not valuable.

because it is a controversial heritage, is unable to accurately estimate Petra manor and collection value. As a rough estimate, including Petra manor, 4 building & other; Satellite & throughout; Villa and all art collections, this old house the market value of not less than $500 million.

Arthur devoting efforts to Petra manor became a art treasures. On the outskirts of Florence Jeremy goldkorn, a towering cypress avenue to Petra manor. The old house, covers an area of 23 hectares garden surrounding and dotted with fountains and a marble statue. Entered the room, as if into a monastery in the 15th century, the gothic tracery exquisite craftsmanship, antique furniture composed massiness, the virgin of 4 walls hung paintings solemn & hellip; & hellip;

as Arthur eldest son Harold & middot; Lord acton book notes, these youth since the cumulative heart’s desires is Arthur, the art collection & other; By comparison, everything else is secondary & throughout; .

to inheritance

Arthur’s death in 1953, Harold become Petra manor master, but the succession of the manor are has not been fundamentally solved.

Harold boyhood eton, study in the UK after graduated from Oxford University. Like his father, he has a good taste of art and cultural knowledge, is a aesthetes. After he became a master, Petra manor and became Europe’s social & other; The holy land & throughout; .

no less than his father identify Harold screening of the guest’s high standard of art of rigid eye, many European politicians celebrities are Petra manor house guest. Only in the UK, and the hospitality of the celebrities is the former prime minister Harold, the queen’s sister princess Margaret, prince Charles and princess Diana, playwright, and critic graham & middot; Green, novelist and historian Nancy & middot; Mitford and others.

in enjoyment from Petra chateau glory, Harold is the old house searching for a successor. & other; My intuition told me, my father want to have grandchildren, because he wants to stay in their collections. Throughout the &; He in a aesthetes more biography wrote in the book.

however, Harold, being gay had no children, unable to complete his father’s wish, he is not in harmony relationship with his father. & other; I am not popular throughout & at home; , so he stayed in China for a period of time, the results & other More as an outsider, even though I was his son & throughout; .

in fact, Harold had a younger brother William. William sickly, at the end of world war ii was found bubble is in bath crock in the mysterious deaths. Harold wrote & other; William’s body has been bad, but he doesn’t, always rely on doping. Throughout the &; William’s death to Arthur couple mourning unceasingly, & other; He has been their favorite, I have no way to replace & throughout; , Harold said.

Harold tried repeatedly to donated Petra estate to the Alma mater, eton college or university of Oxford, but because the two schools cannot afford the maintenance cost and rejected. Finally, in Harold died in 1994, New York university donations become haciendado.

but at this moment, Florence spokespeople leah na & middot; Than the ache of the five children, said leah na is the daughter of Arthur and shall have the right to inherit Petra manor.