5000 hermits in the far south mountain life one thousand years ago Open a door with signal (FIG.)

jian-feng zhang (left) and a few practitioners pose

20 years ago, American Sinologist, buddhist scriptures translator bill & middot; Porter came to China, after the legend in the far south mountain hermit practice, because of “the jewel hidden”, many people know that an hour’s drive from downtown on mount zhongnan, more than 5000 practitioners from all over the country the secluded valley, lived like 1000 years ago.

because reading the jewel hidden, xi, 35, citizen jian-feng zhang is frequent in and out of the qinling mountains, from huashan to mount zhongnan, search for living in one of the practitioners, to today, he visited more than 600 WeiShan hermit, himself from a youth literary editor into half a hermit.

search far see a group of mountains, multi-worlds and hermits were closed

prior to 2008, jian-feng zhang is youth literature books editor, was also in the fashion magazine editor, Mr. Lu is partners with publishers. Since the path of search far south mountain hermit, he become a magazine editor-in-chief of asked, his interview with a hermit is published in the magazine.

& other; Contact literature circle a few years ago, sensual pleasure things too much, everyone was thinking how to make money, how to spend money, life vision is too limited, I want to see another life. Throughout the &; In 2008, seen bill & middot; Potter’s jewel hidden, jian-feng zhang decided to mount zhongnan looking for hermits. & other; Is the first time with a group of travelers, the results found nothing. Throughout the &; Only later did he know, far see a group of mountains, multi-worlds hermit have closed, or go to other places, so as not to be disturbed.

jian-feng zhang introduces, not all of the hermit welcome visitors, and visitors to see is what kind of person, if you just curious, hermits who are down can only be closed down.

visit to knock on the door read signal, general practitioners will open the door

it is said that everyone wants to be in the far south mountain found a white beard old man, but in the end only to find a crooked neck tree.

& other; I also want to meet a healthy in old age the fairy, an omnipotent immortal or saint, would be too perfect. Throughout the &; Initially, jian-feng zhang holding the search for the purpose of the sage walked into the far south mountain. For the first time after a failed, jian-feng zhang alone: & other; To go where you think, in a fog, no traffic tools. Throughout the &; Hermit thatched huts are set up, some of them are cave, some of them are ordinary residential, they scattered in the valley.

& other; General visitors knocking at the door, the yogi will open the door, but some don’t reception stranger. Throughout the &; Jian-feng zhang said, & other; Need some cipher knocking at the door. Throughout the &; & other; Average person knock again nobody left open the door, we usually don’t open the door to the person. Throughout the &; The cave only scriptures and simple living supplies, two people haven’t been to near huts. Outside the cave cliff is a three, four meters big vegetable patch. Jian-feng zhang visit, they were package cabbage dumplings.

jian-feng zhang said that these practices are very love life, usually small huts to clean themselves very clean, do a little scene, such as the kind of some flowers in the doorway, they don’t use mobile phones, near the village of the yogi will deal with the villagers, rarely went down the mountain.

Taiwan writer Roy martina, host Liang Dong had followed him to the far south mountain hermit, jian-feng zhang around now, also have like him to mount the yogi’s friend, but to insist on not a lot.

& have spent

reveal in practice people, folk academic researchers like him a lot of

& other; As the saying goes, tangible have meat, actually it is hard to find a flash, a true yogi is to persuade people to be good, to tell people how to reduce trouble. Repair for high only circles know. Throughout the &; Gavin zhang said.

& other; Generally think that family is too poor to can not only to the mountains, but then I found that most of the yogi really have educated. Throughout the &; Jian-feng zhang said. He last week saw a yogi, many books, has a long hair, a maverick, master the appliances and so on in the hut gave themselves a lot of elegant furniture, his main study astronomy, the astronomical research findings and the buddhist scriptures, the contrast research, he felt that other people do not understand his things, can only put the research results on the stone. & other; In practice, folk academic researchers like him a lot. Throughout the &;

& other; Pine nuts, vegetables and other foods are gurus. People’s behavior, generally people do not understand. The yogi for material not very hopeful. Throughout the &; Jian-feng zhang is introduced.