52 cleaners feral 19 years for university say willing to continue to cleaning

at Columbia University is considered to be the fourth of the ivy league university, second only to Harvard University, Princeton university and Yale university. Columbia University have a policy that all employees can free lectures, and full-time students will cost $43088 per semester.

when students leisure in the sunshine, philippa perhaps in cleaning.

& other; Tsinghua steamed bread & god throughout; Through hard self-study English got 630 in toefl, known as & other; Inspirational elder brother & throughout; . Columbia University in the United States, also have a such & other; Inspirational elder brother & throughout; .

in & other; Feral & throughout; 19 years later, 52, Columbia University cleaners philippa has finally finished all the courses, with excellent results obtained a bachelor’s degree in classical literature. He will attend the college’s graduation from 13 morning, and will be on the 16th with hundreds of students to participate in the school’s graduation ceremony. In spite of this, philippa intends to continue to study for a master’s or doctor’s degree.

report from our correspondent philippa from the former Yugoslavia. In 1992, his parents and brother to leave with strange war-torn home fled to the United States. When I first got to America, he almost don’t know how to speak English.