54 year old woman crazy tomb-raiding 13: don’t money for mysterious “curse”

is the fault of the superstition of

dream of villagers who put son portrait in urns

think it is a son intermittent episodes of mental illness causes & ndash; & ndash;

54 year old woman for son & other; Throughout the &; Disease was crazy graves 13

/correspondent Wang ling our reporter Zhong-ping wu

the tomb-sweeping day will come, and a seafarer Quzhou City ke garden city streets village a cemetery on the 13 tombs, two months have been malicious mining. Only urn cemetery, no casualties. This seems to be no reason to graves, let village rumours, panic.

recently, Quzhou City plays which police disclosed information: cases because of the 28 year old son is intermittent mental illness, 54, rural women XXL doubt when someone is buried in the son’s portrait, curse, let the son in the wicked planted that mental illness often attack.

at present, dig the grave 13 XXL, has been detained.

cemetery 13 no casualties were dug grave

quzhou city ke big gate hill cemetery of more than 70 tombs, sits a seafarer village all the ashes of the deceased. On January 18, cemetery a grave was pried, urn stolen. In local folk customs, the urn will put some COINS. Oddly, looters did not even take the COINS. On February 26, cemetery within four grave was pry, destroyed the grave urn stolen.

no money knowing that the grave, why has been dug grave? Time rumors spread in the village, some people even add an iffy superstition color. Villagers for fear of grave were stolen requirements to the graveyard, with villagers to petition for justice, some villagers even say this place is not good to move & hellip; & hellip;

although case size is very small, but very bad influence in society. Quzhou City plays which police set up headed by director of some beneficial to police brigade, police station and the patrol special police team and police association auxiliary police, a total of 40 police, criminal detection work. Some given the order to death: before tomb-sweeping day must solve.

time span large case, both time is difficult to determine accurately, cemetery remote location, brought criminal detection difficult. Since then, here and there are many tombstones smashed. On March 18, investigation, cemetery with a total of 13 of the tomb, malicious mining.