56, chengdu artists chase che guevara ride South American footprint

& other; If even the artists themselves have given up trying to romantic fantasies and dreams, what hope is there art? Throughout the &; This is chengdu famous contemporary artists work before you go to the chengdu commercial daily reporter said on the phone a word & ndash; & ndash; Late last month, the work left chengdu, travel to the United States, and finally arrived in Buenos Aires, capital of Argentina at the weekend, and will set out from there by the end of the month, on a difficult strange & other; Ideal road & throughout; & ndash; & ndash; Retrace the legend who cut & middot; Guevara’s & other; Motorcycle trip & throughout; . From this gave birth to the borges, gonzalez and other literary giants of South American city, work will alone through Chile, Peru, Colombia and venezuela, looking for the great legend left by the dream shadow, now see this hot face.

& other; Work of art or very devout. Throughout the &; Zhou chunya has praised him, & other; Is the ideal one. Throughout the &; As early as in February this year, has the scoop the chengdu commercial daily work of the plan. At the beginning of the dream into reality, chengdu shangbao will also hand in hand with the artist, launch & other; Retrace cut & middot; Ernesto guevara DE la serna road & throughout; Column, not regularly every week on his way to share with readers work experience, observations, etc., let everybody through the eyes of the local artists together on that distant continent, the bottom of my heart for everyone dreams & hellip; & hellip;

have regrets, motorcycle well

in 1951, young medical students cut & middot; Che in their own friends, pharmacists alberto & middot; Granados’s suggestion, the decision 1 year off to travel around South America.

on the way of knowledge and experience, che later in his “the motorcycle diaries, but this book is one of the favorite work. Work told chengdu commercial daily reporter, & other; He is really a very pure, embrace the ideal man, he is also a leprosy hospital in Peru as a volunteer for four months. Throughout the &; Within the circle, is work with & other; Idealism spirit & throughout; Known, regardless of the mind or reality, he is always looking for a piece of pure land, away from the hustle and bustle of art review & other On the road & throughout; The feeling of wandering.

as a result, although already 56 years old, but still work passion. He just regret his motorcycle very well. & other; I first thought about American a jeep to Argentina, but was too much trouble to operate. Throughout the &; In order to avoid delay the time, work finally chose to give their luck and roads, and according to specific situation to rent a car, carriage, by bus, coach and hitch a ride on. & other; On the way I will communicate with the locals, including artists, as well as sketch, writing diary, video along the streets. Throughout the &; It is worth mentioning that will work to cut & middot; Che did volunteer to volunteer the Peruvian leprosarium,

before you leave, work excited to insomnia

after arriving in the United States, work the main job is to deal with visa and prepare the way of equipment, at the same time keep a diary every day, your daily work record, ready to progress, and mood. Passed to the chengdu commercial daily reporter he photo diary, reporter saw. The United States on December 22nd evening local time, ready to start the work of insomnia, he wrote in his diary: & other; This age still so excited, also quite good. Throughout the &; He also said jokingly, briefs on the seam of the secret pocket money, into money very uncomfortable, after finally eliminated altogether. & other; Want to come, too, the robbers is sure to be searched, where to hide up there? The original defense work. Throughout the &;

Beijing time on December 24, work off from Los Angeles, 10 hours flight arrived in Peru, and then transfer to Chile, and then, finally arrived in Buenos Aires, live in a family hotel online booking in advance. & other; According to the picture book is online hacienda-style home inn, to the front of a look, and I almost thought it was address made a mistake, but think how much difference between images and reality. Throughout the &; Work in weibo wrote. Obviously, the condition of the hotel is very humble, & other; But he pushed open the door, the other side of the building as well as a contemporary sculpture. Throughout the &; Another is the room charge cheap, only $13 per night.

& other; The boss unkempt appearance, always say sorry too much sleep late last night. Naturally, I chat with my boss cut & middot; Che, he will be the first person to answer my questionnaire. Throughout the &; Work, according to his will interview the local people along the way, to understand their idea of the cutting & middot; Che guevara. & other; The boss has repeatedly stated, in and out must lock the door and door, must not put the camera back outside the package, be sure to have an emergency contact phone number, one thousand residents any unexpected misfortune happened to him good ventilation tidings! Throughout the &; Work has already been told a reporter, this way is very dangerous, especially a person walk. & other; On the way to climb over the plateau, across the desert, and a journey is unpaved roads, only in the way. I don’t know what road encounter situation, everything is unknown.

cut & middot; Ernesto guevara DE la serna travel route description

on December 29, 1951, young medical students cut & middot; Che and his friends granados, riding a motorcycle from Buenos Aires, spent eight and a half months, through places such as Chile, Peru, Colombia and venezuela, and then fly over Miami in venezuela, return to Buenos Aires.

& other; Write down these diaries, when to step on the ground of Argentina, is already dead. I, is no longer me. Throughout the &; & ndash; & ndash; Cut & middot; Che (in 1952, when he after travel)

work profile

a famous contemporary artist, born in 1955 in chongqing, sichuan university art institute, professor, doctoral supervisor. Was admitted to southwest normal university academy of fine arts in 1978, with a master’s degree in sichuan academy of fine arts in 1985, during the past vaguely with canvas works show the attention to characters thinking activity. After 1986 years in the United States and Canada to study, and widespread participation in the international academic research and creative activities. In the process of the thoughts of the western post-modern art, painting and installation and conceptual art practice, have installation “this isn’t the mayflower”, “the ark”, oil painting works, such as the European station “series shows the feelings and cross-cultural thinking.