56 years ago old photos bring amazing: the couple kissing in public nude female model (FIG.)


recently, by a French photographer in more than half a century ago a group of Chinese old photos on the network, causing many onlookers. These three present & other; Miles Yangtze river first bridge & throughout; Wuhan Yangtze river bridge construction scene, cause QiaoLiangShi experts attention: MAO zedong had put forward the & other; Built to learn & throughout; Guidelines for the first time appeared in the historical photos, very precious.

3 photo, there are two is when the river to the construction of the bridge navigable sight: a ship full of bamboo raft is through the construction of bridge piers. Broken white sails, wind wave paddle boat, with tall cement bridge pier constitute the historical picture of afford for thought. Under the bridgehead of the bridge workers from site & other; Work & throughout; The center of the picture, it is a woman dressed in a floral winter jacket, she carried her baby in arms, to meet her husband came home from work. The sweetness of the bridge site of three, make a netizen ascribed: & other; Too have s feeling, in the photo the woman with child is our parents! Throughout the &;

QiaoLiangShi experts, China railway, a 65 – year – old Mr DaQiaoJu consultant Yu Qixin saw the picture, very happy & ndash; & ndash; Site above the door hanging & other; Learn to stick to built policy & throughout; The placards, appeared in old photographs, the fill the research as a blank piece of bridge of the People’s Republic of China.

he introduces, he grew up in wuchang hanyang river door, had seen the bridge construction. When the bridge construction is in the Soviet union experts under the guidance and help, therefore, the CPC central committee put forward the & other; Built to learn & throughout; Four principles, requirements of the Chinese bridge builders study with built bridge, built in the society and at the same time grasp the bridge technology. & other; Built to learn & throughout; Four principles in is very famous at the time, but only in written records. This appeared in the old photos, it was the first time found that is particularly precious historical data value.

he analysis, this group of photos were taken time should be at the end of 1956 to early 1957, location to hanyang bridgehead construction site. And this photo appeared, witness and reveals the important position in the history of the development of wuhan bridge in new China.

Yu Qixin served as a bridge construction newspaper editor in chief for 20 years, the author of the east bridge, jingchu bridge “, “the symphony of the bridge” and so on more than QiaoLiangShi monographs. His introduction, the bridge was built in October 1957, after a large number of in wuhan & other; Built to learn & throughout; The Chinese bridge engineering and technical personnel from wuhan & other; Scattered throughout the &; The country, specially for bridge wuhan DaQiaoJu the ministry of railways, was renamed & other The ministry of railways bridge engineering & throughout; .