68 – year – old “oil painting her mother-in-law” accidentally hit: self-study painting to become elegant (FIG.)

68 – year – old mother-in-law show her works.

& other; From now on, I want to study well, later become an elegant woman! Throughout the &; A netizen said. Nearly two days, the 68 – year – old Lv Guixiang harvest had never received so many positive recognitions. Once the nanjing unique female colourist 18 years ago, retired, began to painting after retirement, created a lot of good work, and so famous in the small circle of friends. Recently, the part of these works was 26, daughter-in-law & other; Secretly & throughout; Posted on the Internet, didn’t want to let her mother-in-law & other; Overnight & throughout; .

nanjing & other; Oil painting throughout her mother-in-law &; Fire the Internet & other; Worship & throughout; Praise the lived graciously

yesterday, daughter-in-law Ding Li already open, 26, deliberately let her mother-in-law see the evaluation of the net friend to her. On the site, this paper entitled “see my mother-in-law drawing oil painting” post is already & other; Critical red & throughout; , reply hundreds of Internet users click on more than twenty thousand times.

Lv Guixiang some worry, she think it is a bit too high, for fear that someone will not like, or gossiping about someone, but it is good, netizens & all the other Positive & throughout; , this let old man hanging heart to relax a little bit more & ndash; & ndash; She told reporters, the most afraid of what she wants to be famous what others say, & other; How could I so big age, think want to be famous! Throughout the &;

Internet & other; Of frost & throughout; Said: & other; The building Lord mother-in-law must be a understands the life of women. Throughout the &; Similar evaluation of the mother and son chun, such as rain, magnolia, buan2001 dozens of Internet users; A good SIGN of personality garland Ding Li mother-in-law really severe, & other; Good grace hobby! Throughout the &; The net friend & other; Live in whale belly throughout the old cat &; But also said: & other; I decided to go worship (worship) your mother-in-law! Throughout the &;

Internet & other; Cloud throughout the &; Leave a message on behalf of the common heart, she said: & other; After watching the fairly worship! From now on, I (I) to study hard, good later become an elegant woman, ha ha & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &;

in this post, Ding Li posted was part of the mother-in-law for more than 10 years work, mainly portraits, self-taught Lv Guixiang painted properly. And the characters in the painting in addition to themselves and old man of the wedding, and son, friends, children’s wedding photos, etc., are basically family class photo.

and ordinary photos than, lu mother-in-law’s these works, appear massiness, have qualitative feeling, and don’t have a taste. Have professional seen after these works on the Internet, said lu mother-in-law is not necessarily very high professional level, can cause resonance, the main reason, because the old man elegant attitude towards life, and the people will only go to buy some food with the basket in the old, the old lady could not be more different.

& other; Oil painting throughout her mother-in-law &; Very talented was nanjing unique female & other; Colourist & throughout;

yesterday afternoon, reporters came to the home of the near Lv Guixiang is located in the southeast university in nanjing. This small house, the wall of the house almost every, mounts have old man, is more landscapes, these simple sense is very strong oil paintings, suddenly let a person feel the rocks is very thick.

but surprised reporter lu mother-in-law did 18 years of oil paintings, actually there is no specific easel, she was all panel will be completed in a chair, particularly at random and free and easy.

lv mother-in-law profession is & other; Colourist & throughout; Now, this is a young man has a strong strangeness career. Before and after it is popular in the 1980 s, when the photos are black and white photos, but love beautiful people always like to have a color, so the studio is like lu teacher & other; Colourist & throughout; , responsible for black and white photos & other; Color & throughout; Into a color.

on June 15, 1981, lu mother-in-law to nanjing sanhe identified & other; Throughout technician certificate & triple staining. Nanjing, she became only a have the female & other; Colourist & throughout; . That time, Lv Guixiang work in people’s studio in Confucius temple. Followed by lv mother-in-law upgrade all the way, until his retirement in 1993 on the eve of a license from nanjing sanhe of secondary colourist, became the nanjing few super & other; Colourist & throughout; , it is a pity, as the color paper and machine, before long, & other; Colourist & throughout; This was a glorious career sharp decline, and quickly die. Lu mother-in-law is standing in the colourist good & other; Throughout the last post &; Of the people. She took out the color by the color photos to reporters, & other; ‘s the hardest part of the face, you have to show the people look to & throughout; .

the old man is introduced, and these look colorful, has the time characteristic pictures of the love in plateau, is through the black-and-white photograph draw, even if the load such as her super colourist, each photo also get at least half an hour.