7000 tons of true palace in flood is 15 m Investment of two hundred million (pictured)

the graph is: meet true palace jack-up construction site

the graph is: jack-up completed rendering

reporter woody interns YanRan photographers wei rhenium

stands at an altitude of 165 meters of mount wudang in true palace, built during Ming yongle, coincided with a 600 – year – old birthday. As the wudang mountain & other Jiugong & throughout; One of, need to have higher for the danjiangkou reservoir, located in the edge of the reservoir in true palace face the danger of submerged by water.

to protect the historical and cultural heritage, this day, in the true palace will be 72 a jack to lift, integrally jack-up is 15 m on the site, jack lifting height is about as 5 times as the world record.

carried 7000 tons of construction on the five floor height, the miracle will be how to create? Our reporter to wudang mountain, for you to uncover any true palace & other; Increased operation throughout the &; The insider.

seven thousand tons of buildings are the top five floors

& other; Dashan before, but see some maturity, lush trees, guilin is very grand. Throughout the &; Famous martial arts writer jin yong in the handheld device maker e-ten slew a dragon to record “, zhang sanfeng as described in the eyes of wudang mountain, in the true palace is located in the majestic. When reporters arrived at the construction site to see if true palace, and it has been integrated with modern reinforced concrete.

meet true palace was made up of palace, nishinomiya, and in the east. Nowadays, nishinomiya from the main building of the east has lost, only two of palace; In the palace is also badly damaged, the existing entrance, palace, temple, true fairy temple remnants, palace ground buildings. The top of buildings, including things of palace and the palace gate.

tension construction workers are the hot sun.