8 firefighters nudity Spanish art against the government’s tightening measures (FIG.)

Spain 8 posed the firefighters in the face of the wall, on the head with a black helmet, wearing boots. (page screenshots)

international online features: on July 20, according to “Japan today” reported that town in northern Spain, les (Mieres) 8 firefighters have a naked protest and protest against the government to implement new spending cuts austerity measures, including public sector staff salaries and cuts and tax increases.

these firefighters in their fire station next to a pose in facing the wall, on the head with a black helmet, wearing boots. They played the signs that read: & other; Cut so many, we can only naked. Throughout the &; Did not attend the protest firefighters javier & middot; Pia (Javier Della Piedra) said: & other; Show the buttocks, 8 firefighters have more strength than took to the streets to protest against cuts in spending. Throughout the &;

Spain’s two big unions UGT and CCOO has plans to 19 evening local time, 80 cities across the country launched a public-sector workers protest against austerity measures demonstrations. Since July 11, the Spanish government announced new austerity measures, many firefighters and police officers also began to join the protests. IfengLogo (jin-liang li)