86 – year – old play bone taught “thirteen women” play a prostitute: let every joint is attractive


although is 86 years old, but old play bone ya-qin jin not the kui, gently lift the wrist, enchanting feeling came out taken/reporter black g

long church hallway, qipao woman figure away leisurely, the waist swinging, a gorgeous amorous feelings, is just a figure, has clearly communicate & ndash; & ndash; This is a prostitutes. And the vision and unassuming laugh, pipa changed hands between the sorrow & hellip; & hellip; All of these make public the sexy, into a film in jinling thirteen women memorable picture.

unexpectedly, the acting unexpectedly came from a group of more than 20 years old girl, but understandably, behind them, there are an old artist ACTS as a guide, behind her is a 86 – year – old ya-qin jin.

when learned that zhang yimou, the film was nominated for best foreign language film golden globe, ya-qin jin a hearty laugh. Who would have thought that is the face vicissitudes of life, the ear is a little bit back, eyes some flowers in the old woman, unexpectedly the sexy & other; The science of uniting & throughout; Astonishingly.


cast and refer the door & other Thirteen women & throughout; Acting

in the winter of 2010, the people’s art theatre level writers 梁秉堃 received a strange request. Zhang yimou studio staff to come & other From master & throughout; , they want to find an old artist to teach young girls how to play a prostitute cast.

at the time, the film “jinling thirteen women is still in preparation stage, the protagonist is not yet decided. 梁秉堃 only know that the play tells the story of the Anti-Japanese War is a prostitute.

who can take up this task? The original prostitutes shows that time out? Without further ado, 梁秉堃 immediately recommended to cast the ya-qin jin.

ya-qin jin was born in 1925, since the 1940 s, acting is not only the old play bone, or the most qualified to talk about & other; Prostitutes & throughout; The performance.

there was a drama “sunrise”, she plays the leading role of prostitute is a bygone age.

the old society, the famous eight hutongs in Beijing, is the brothel to gather. In order to play realistic, ya-qin jin proposed to truly experience life in a brothel. So, when the boss pays to let her go to the stone hutong a brothel.

after people laugh and people cry. Live with the woman who lives by ‘, became the precious experiences in her memory.

every day as long as see to the guests, the girls will be lifted the curtain of the front of their name. Is this just a LouLianEr, selected by the guest determines whether or not you. & other; Trying to curry favor with the guests in a short time & throughout; , ya-qin jin is the most real understanding of prostitutes psychological state.

& other; Life can bring. Throughout the &; The familiar words, in ya-qin jin feeling for many years, is still the best. Thanks to the sunrise, ya-qin jin & other Prostitutes & throughout; A corner was an instant hit, all over tianjin area in less than 20 years old.

after 60 years after the winter of 2010, in an art school e-town, ya-qin jin will this period of life experience and prostitutes to impart the performing skill to give the film & other; Thirteen women & throughout; .