90 operas students: after 7 years later, I saw the ShuTing outside the lines

ShuTing DouHuiLong perturbation in the crowd

in 2007, the second day, I at that time, I put itself as children of more than others, so it is necessary to read poetry. Literally to the baidu search, ShuTing and north island name impressively to appear in front of me.

I read ShuTing, a li qingzhao & other; Know know, the red should languish and the green & throughout; Exquisite feeling in my heart, really and other Started up a pool of gulls heron & throughout; . The final & other; You with scarred breast fed/lost me, I thought, boiling I & throughout; Become an integral part of a phrase in my composition.

but later, I read the north island, & other; Despicable is shit passport & throughout; Instant hit me, thought of su dongpo’s & other; Great river east & throughout; , then loudly tell Chinese teacher & other; I don’t believe & throughout; . After that, I have failed in the language. It is no wonder that su shi have been relegated & hellip; & hellip;

to language result, I chose to tightly nestled beside ShuTing, while my heart tends to the north island, as his conversation with students, manifests the anger of my youth.

a moment, seven years later, can’t distinguish reality or dream, there is always a moment, I a person quiet side with green tea sat rocking chair, gently swaying around, looking at the oak tree in the sunset silhouette, mind that one jiao red kapok. My shadow elongated, memories are stretching, poetry s thoughts back to the tender feeling, that if I want to hug you, only need the stone picked up on the road in the moonlight that overturned a small handleless wine cup of s. This is a s a small handleless wine cup, a small handleless wine cup also gather together a s poets. I miss once had moved, touch once warm my enthusiasm, but in now noise fast schedule, silently blanking covered. On June 7, the rainy night, this moment I relive again.

in & other; Chinese new poetry in 100 & middot; On both sides of the poets gathering & throughout; And I saw the ShuTing. She has gathered, a 61 – year – old poem in a childlike, reflects a grown woman’s spell able, dignified, calm and steady. However, with the sentence by sentence warm words, she is sensitive, unimpressed.

I think, she will follow a & other; Throughout the lunar halo that burrs &; And back to shore, she will with the eternal oak tree, recalled that when love touched, as & other; The strings of a summer rose, across the waves & throughout; On the north once again aroused desire & hellip; & hellip; The poet’s heart, always so soft, no shell.

in three layers, the audience mood is very high, or very heavy. From a rainy dusk until night, seat load no less than the enthusiasm of the people, they stood there, with a poem chanting feelings again and set up, or sad, or happy. Them here, for ShuTing to hong leong, in other words, is for the sake of poetry, poetry in this way, simply put, we gather here, let us temporarily forget, forgetful, temporarily forgotten there are black clouds in the sky, the rain head, only feel the chest have a love and moved. At this moment, from 20 to 70 years, we together again to return to the simple s, the s poetry.

two days before a classmate party, drink a little wine, that her deskmate, I in order to help her to buy breakfast to be late for class, the teacher make stand as punishment, she did not say thank you in the heart has been export & hellip; & hellip; At the moment she finally blurted out freely. I in her eyes blurred, also some drunken feeling, I think, that innocence is better than the current & other; Mature & throughout; . Right now, so many people are profit-driven, in addition to the child’s innocence, leaves young poets and eager to child likes to read. Real poet with the most mature eyes to see the world, but in children’s language expression, I think, this is the greatness of poetry.

I ever wrote in a poem: only yesterday you/I don’t know how the future/yesterday I could fire/and in the future, I only know more than the rest of the time less than yesterday/I probably you all hostages/everyone to take one of several points I/came to them in all directions, I began to can’t find my little by little. When I and you meet again/you just gave me back to me & hellip; & hellip; This is a poem I wrote parting, at this moment is the most suitable.

Liu Zeyi (after 90, college of art institute 2012 operas, film and television)

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