A 70 – year – old zhao zhongxiang into “good catch” netizen discontent from age 5 to see 30

lee presided over jiangsu TV “stand out”.

zhongxiang (file photo)

morphy chair if you are the one “, viewing evergreen.

“we date” hosted by Qiu Qiming encounter a lot of criticism.

guo degang, ni ping, huang jianxiang to “stand out” when the judges.

yesterday, weibo rumours that hunan satellite TV, poaching zhongxiang host new show the ever-changing higher-ups show, yesterday, zhao zhongxiang an interview with the financial times has denied the news. However, will be host to job and is pushed to the forefront again the news of the poaching. When it comes to this phenomenon, has been through the variety show “stand out” to select the host of the jiangsu TV in an interview with our reporter said that now is lack of the host, has started training the host of the first five-year plan, but takes time. And jinan university school of journalism professor tan days told reporters that the host doesn’t have to be younger, but to connotation.

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70 – year – old zhao zhongxiang is poaching

the CCTV famous mouth Qiu Qiming job-hopping to mango hosting dating show “let’s date”, recently that the TV will again dug for zhongxiang host a parody show the ever-changing higher-ups show. To reporters yesterday, zhao zhongxiang denies this, & other; Hunan satellite TV is contacted me and want me on weibo said support for the show, but didn’t invited me to be the host. But I don’t know for this program as a whole, so there is no recommended in weibo. Throughout the &; So is it possible to appear as guest host or guest? Zhao said old age, don’t like the young time can juggle several program at the same time, also won’t appear in the similar programs.

however, for the tianjin TV, “the return of the king” preparations for the launch of the third quarter, he said he would like to continue our cooperation. In fact, zhao zhongxiang from CCTV after retirement, the controversy of several TV host and variety show. Today, “the return of the king” is one of his last contract shows but television might take into account the reality of his age and the reason, don’t know it won’t be his last show. To this, have the audience curious, has 70 – year – old zhao zhongxiang, unexpectedly also so hot? But there are also net friend says, host of old faces really a little tired of watching, hope to see more new faces appeared on the screen. Have netizen said: & other; From the age of 5 I see zhao zhongxiang, ni ping, always see 30 years old, they are still there. Throughout the &;

to the rumors, our reporter tried to contact mango li hao, deputy director of news spokesman, but the phone has been unable to get through. Widely assumed this is speculation, because the ever-changing higher-ups show auspices has set early human and uproot shayna, program is started, it can certainly improve the audience expectation. In addition, other new mango Taiwan show up, young, one for the king has brought in a new host, li interviewed said: after & other; It is to win back young audiences. Throughout the &;

The phenomenon of

host scarce, especially female host

in fact, the host is critical for program ratings, while the experienced old face in the majority is mainland screens a long existing phenomenon. In ratings higher several big TV, hunan satellite TV’s hejiong Wang Han is already has 20 years of seniority, in Taiwan has almost by they triumphed, is worthy of the name & other; Capable & throughout; , while other young colleagues in succession flee, they were declared as & other Not for sale & throughout; . A zhejiang satellite TV host to move by was snapped up. In addition, jiangsu TV morphy, anhui satellite TV Zhou Qun, Shanghai cao kefan, Yang LAN, CCTV Dong Qing, li yong, zhu firmly occupy the screen. Therefore, there are a lot of the audience want to see more fresh face.

as this variety show two years more and more fire, the host is also becoming increasingly scarce. Even many news show anchor such as Qiu Qiming Celtic, join variety show. Moreover, compared with male host, host seems to be more scarce. Guo degang has lamented that, say no female host show site & other; Very lonely & throughout; . And momentum in recent years, the big “stand out” of jiangsu TV create, launch hiring female host activities, its purpose is to identify and cultivate & other; The female version of morphy & throughout; . Why female host more scarce?

the reason, it seems, because the hostess all love act. Since the debut of “little dragon club”, hu can be started with CCTV “life” of zhao ziqing are now has become a first-line star, even CCTV’s big ni ping, wen qing presided over all give up halfway, walk the route of the film and television.