A 72 – year – old plowman creative youth play “undercover” experience of life after 80

lu old is home to modify his script

72 – year – old plowman creative youth drama

yantai Lv Chenggu lasted 5 years old man a screenplay “glory days”, is a company with 100000 yuan price to buy

when I was a student he was fond of prose, forced farming at home after writing

when once inspired dream, he decided to write a reflection of life after 80 TV series

he disguised themselves into various places experience life, cause a lot of fun and Revelations to

yantai, shandong province, a 72 – year – old farmer Lv Chenggu, over five years, created a minister as 39 sets & other After the 80 & throughout; Drama script “glory days”, and in September 2010 the copyright registration in the copyright office of shandong province.

Christmas 2011, yantai, a real estate enterprise with 100000 yuan price to buy the screenplay adaptation of copyright.

the old farmer why creation & other; After the 80 & throughout; How his subject, he deeply & other; After the 80 & throughout; In the process of the real life, the creation what funny and embarrassing happened & hellip; & hellip;

listen to the radio news inspire the decades dream

on December 25, 2011, 12 noon, yantai fushan district qing guan village residents Lv Cheng northeast door of the street agency, the sound of the firecrackers of scratching. Yantai, a company’s boss sun will be a check for 100000 yuan, into Lv Chenggu hands, say with smile: & other; Look forward to your next book, as long as written well, how much I accept how much. Throughout the &; Tanned Lv Chenggu, also show the glow on his face. & other; To this script, his wife came close to divorce with me, children came close to terminate the relationship with me, I have a lot of risk. Throughout the &; The crowd suddenly burst into well-meaning laughter and applause.

Lv Chenggu originally early 60 s of high school graduates. After graduating from high school, he farming, often also will learn to write the Peking Opera, luju opera script. Later for sign off. After marriage have children, in order to living, Lv Chenggu besides farming, also turned the welding workshop. Although every day is not hoe, welding torch, but the creation of the dream in the heart, never fade.

in the spring of 2004, over 60 Lv Chenggu, and contracted for 200 mu of land in the suburb, planted the salvia miltiorrhiza, walnut, cherry and other economic crops.

on the first day in 2006, a taxi Lv Chenggu heard a news, inspired his accumulated years of creation desire, a 50-year-old farmer in qixia city of shandong, after 10 years created a 200000 – word of jiaodong Anti-Japanese War novels, and led to a high praise in the literary world.

& other; The somebody else is a farmer, I also am farmers, the somebody else only primary level, I this is high school students, and there are creative, why can’t I do. Throughout the &;

at noon that day, teetotal Lv Chenggu, two white wine a stuffy, to his wife Lv Huaiming Lv Huaijiang feng-ying sun, his eldest son, his little son and daughter lv mr.zhou, tell the fiction TV drama’s great idea. Who wants to, to his family to the incredible smile, which made him depressed.

create & other; Studio & throughout; Develop a plan of the whole writing

the next day, Lv Chenggu hired craftsmen, let them change the wing to & other Throughout the workshop &; .

in jiaodong region, & other; In the first month don’t stick & throughout; , whereas Lv Chenggu to building, it can turn his wife Sun Feng heroic spirit blood pressure, she set out a bowl of cold water, pour on the those who are in the process of ground artisans, & other; Give me stop, dry also have no money. The money in the home, I have the final say. Throughout the &; Hearing this, the craftsmen quickly pick up stuff going to leave.

Lv Chenggu know his wife is a grumpy, know that his wife & other; Weakness & throughout; . He wordlessly theory of hammer, dry up. Half an hour later, he will not hesitate to jackets, sweaters were all pulled down, wearing only a thin layer of underwear, sweating in the air. He glanced a sneak peek at the corner of his eye, his wife was in the house a few times will rush out, but went to the door and stopped. He steal the joy in my mind: his wife is going to & other; Surrender & throughout; .

even after a few sneeze, his wife can’t afford to steady, pulled a blanket rushed out of the room, rather than just cover on the LaoLv, & other; You old thing, I take you for a long time. The craftsman to shout back, see you do! Throughout the &;

studio, built after the sons and daughters to see the old play hardball, also came to help. Eldest son to studio installed air conditioning, the second son bought a computer and printer, daughter bought a set of antique tea table. Lv Chenggu but also for his creation has a full set of plan: & other; Every day, in accordance with the & other; From nine to five & throughout; Work schedule. 9 to 10 o ‘clock in the morning, reading and studying. At 10 am to 4 PM, to compose, at least write a 5 page paper (2000 words). At 4 PM to 5 PM, watch some response to major drama disc & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &;