A 77 – year – old Xie Fang thering is no lack of idol van still remember “song of youth” large section of the dialogue

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Xie Fang in “song of youth” forest-road static.

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she is forever beautiful in such films as “song of youth” lindau quiet, is also the first generation of intellectual women’s screen. From “song of youth”, “early spring feburary” to “stage sisters”, Xie Fang left for us the most classical three movies in the red s. Now 77 years old, she is still active in stage, broader and she and her husband fell in love and know each other in 61, has made a valuable & other; Love is a fairy tale & throughout; . In henan TV broadcast tomorrow & other; Throughout the first ten contemporary mother meng awards &; Recording the scene, as the host of Xie Fang accepted our reporter’s interview, she, with his wife in 61, the same feelings the most proud of who you are, and for acting career, now she still has her own pursuit.

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that a large section of the dialogue, and now can also carry out

guangzhou daily: you was because of the “song of youth”, forest-road static become a generation of youth idol, looking back on it now, do you think of the film influence for you?

Xie Fang: although, of course, after more than half a century, I also acted in many films, but I still think that right now, “song of youth” the biggest influence on me. Up to now I also remember the details of the shooting, including diving when you jump river, sleep on the beach, such as sunrise, still have a long a large section of the poetry style of dialogue, I can recite it now. Unexpectedly, people are still in the miss to forest-road static, I was lucky.

guangzhou daily: in those days forest-road static modelling are all the rage, in life is you & other; Small property & throughout; Person?

Xie Fang: on the contrary, I don’t care about what to wear in my life. Saying a lot of design is a makeup artist, they have a lot of life experience and quality. In real life, I always wear some simple plain clothes, also don’t like the dress, to be honest, my style is behind The Times in the actress at that time, help me & other; Fashion & throughout; Is my spouse, if present at the ceremony, or other public occasions, my clothes are after he strictly controlled.

guangzhou daily: in recent years, bring you a lot & other; Throughout the lifetime achievement award &; , what feeling?

Xie Fang: don’t look at me so early, before they really haven’t took a prize. Now more than 70 years old, old take the the lifetime achievement award. Got a pretty good also, of course, is a kind of affirmation of people’s to you.