A 91 – year – old painting and comic miss his deceased wife Net friend: good beautiful encounter

91 - year - old 18 comic netizens miss wife: good beautiful encounter

wang bo

& other; She lay in bed, found me in one joint, canthus flow out a drop of tears, I hold her hands, for she wiped the tears. Less than a minute, her hands get cold, I know, this is a farewell. Throughout the &; Shanghai, a 91 – year – old old man raoping hand-painted 18 picture book, such as miss dead wife of nearly 60 years, get along with time, named the story of us. & other; Envy is less old envyimmortal, childhood friends to China. Sunvo feather Xi spring best hatred, hatred hate sea birds fill in wind and rain. Short of a full moon has old people, women of the jade after even stronger than before. Hardly less China world, writing throughout all sixty years & sing; , raoping if use this poem to record this period of ordinary touching love is even stronger than before.

netizen eulogy

@ first furnace xiang ji: look after, full of moving and the tears, taking your hand, and son xielao than this.

Hi sister:

@ everybody raoping county such as the old man wrote to his wife’s beauty siu-tong elegiac couplet: rough years fee also gradually into the flat kang, but day not false, bitterly today, jun home unexpectedly; The vicissitudes of the world who can expect, try reading from, from the world of mortals he who sees through, looking forward to the afterlife, again.

@ zhi ma crisp: sugar & other; This life only for a person to & throughout; , not only the beauties of the actor’s lines, it is when times get never wavered. Small inn, window dressing, good beautiful encounter.

@ gold small boiling: envy, see their beautiful and don’t want to elaborate his life.

@ clause Joan: style like feng zikai, the old man’s old story. The years of change, people will experience life really too many things, points and ups and downs, is not quite stable feelings not line.

@ in maple hui zhi: they are the product of one thousand blessings, to get the 60 years of conjugal love life together. Not rich just looks together.

@ fish tea tea: I love you in old way. I love to draw down, each pen is you the most beautiful appearance.