A artist pages Zhang ziyi Zhou Xunquan “bowl” (map)

on September 27, 30 years of contemporary Chinese art art case series & other; Colourful ruin FengZhengJie exhibition & throughout; K space held in chengdu, outstanding exhibition protagonist FengZheng anyue county, the artist is the first home XiangBan solo exhibition in sichuan.

FengZhengJie north drift after graduating from college, 20 years of practice to his success in the international market one of the Chinese artists in the collection, is his label & other; Representatives of China’s gaudy art & throughout; . Showed in the exhibition scene FengZhengJie a head of long hair, wear light green suit, dark green jeans, with a pink shirt and pink shoes, like the whole dress up as his paintings and other Gaudy & throughout; .

FengZhengJie like zhang ziyi, zhou xun, Chen hao, sammi cheng, lv yan big draw actress really gaudy, he said with a smile: & other; I also think they draw up some ugly, but the audience feel very acceptable, some my pictures of star also specialising in the paintings. Throughout the &;