“A campaign against” valentine’s day become a new fashion banned British youth lead valentine’s day

report from our correspondent on February 14, roses and chocolates. On this day, romantic city, couples struggling to maim. The purpose of the foreign festival originated in Rome, was just to express love, but gradually stale modulation, become a luxury luxury, comparing waste & other A hotbed & throughout; . Many couples to fill the form and compare each other and fall into the merchant’s trick. Therefore become the lover’s valentine’s day, became a synonym for romantic burning money.

when couples take the time to buy the tickets and booking restaurant, a & other; The valentine’s day & throughout; Movement, raised one global & other; The valentine’s day & throughout; Wave, the net friend of eastern and western countries to the resentment of valentine’s day to the very alike on the network to set up dedicated against the group of valentine’s day. Some governments and businesses also fray, called on people to lead valentine’s day “, even celebrate valentine’s day.

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Russia, Britain, teenagers banned lead valentine’s day

valentine’s day approaches, Russia’s brother rhode provincial schools and institutions have notice, banning them any form of valentine’s day celebration, which are held in many clubs and commercial institutions of the province was banned planning related business activities. Many Russian people think conservative, valentine’s day, Halloween and other western festivals of adolescent mental and moral cultivation no benefit, pure just merchants made all kinds of festival activities. It is reported, this doctrine has created by don’t elder brother rhode provincial governor’s senior aides and orthodox church in the province jointly signed.

in the UK, some primary school students for protection, banned students go to school with valentine’s day CARDS. Because of concerns about the student early love affairs, do not allow the male and female students exchange valentine CARDS. However, this & other; Measures & throughout; In Britain caused a polarised reaction. Have parents to support the practice of the principal, in favor of the ban on elementary school students celebrate valentine’s day, think it CARDS will cause students compete with each other, between received CARDS will be disappointed.

United States: & other; The valentine’s day & throughout; Activities more

if & other; The valentine’s day & throughout; Popular with only the few words before, this one theme in this year has been accepted by more people. The greeting group launched in recent years & other; The valentine’s day & throughout; Series card has achieved impressive sales. Some of these CARDS printed with old photograph of a boy holding a homemade valentine’s CARDS, writes the annotation & other; Little Timmy heart is broken, tomorrow valentine’s day is terrible. Throughout the &; There is a card to write a way: & other; The valentine day to, filled with the smell of love in the air, it makes me want to vomit. & lsquo; The valentine’s day & rsquo; Happy. Throughout the &;

entertainment show more

before valentine’s day send & other; The valentine’s day & throughout; CARDS have explained the single attitude, but no lover’s valentine’s day is not just talk the talk, the United States many places of entertainment are in introduced single valentine’s day party, let depressed by businessmen only care for lovers on valentine’s day single have a place to go. A plan for the performance group is in San Francisco on the evening of the 14th launch cabaret & other; Love is not good throughout the heart &; Fort, and Ohio by a high school will carry out & other; Allen & middot; Throughout the slope section &; To read Allen & middot; POE’s short thriller “telltale heart”. Some night tend to roll out on valentine’s day lovers package night club this year also began to change ideas, Cleveland, Ohio, a set of bowling, discos and seven in places of entertainment will launch a called & other; Love & hellip; & hellip; Give me a break & throughout; A big festival party and ensure that never show tender feelings sweet meaning of music at the party, in addition will also supply called & other; Love is terrible & throughout; The cocktail.

according to the census bureau figures released in the United States, the United States in the number of single women reached 61 million, accounting for 51% of the female population. Single dominant population, mass on valentine’s day & other; Rebellious attitude & throughout; It is not surprising.

method, meaning: a & other; The valentine’s day & throughout;

in western countries such as France, Italy, the single call it & other; Single people pay attention to day & throughout; , date with valentine’s day on February 14, the same day, or before and after a day, also known as & other; The valentine’s day & throughout; , similar to & other; Singles day & throughout; . Some single people don’t have a boyfriend and girlfriend together to talk about the benefits of the single, love trouble, and so on. Many merchants also bullish on the market, entering no lover’s & other; The valentine’s day & throughout; .

: on February 15, single section

to get rid of the shadow of valentine’s day celebration, on February 15, the Italian singles will call & other; Single day & throughout; Single life, celebration, for higher single status, let the social focus on single face discrimination and prejudice, such as low-income housing and garbage tax problems. On this day, will also choose a single association & other; The annual singles & throughout; .

Japan: & other; Go to dead die group & throughout; Active

in Japan, in order to fight against this holiday full of commercial taste, in order to oppose stereotyped dialogue and drama, to despise & other; Love & throughout; Carrying plenty of colorful addition, single of youth & other Team & throughout; , Shouting & other; Lovers die & throughout; The slogan, toward the streets of lovers & other; Javelin & throughout; General contempt. They are called & other; Couples go to die die group & throughout; . Their mission was to oppose taste way of dating and strong with money to show off so intimate behavior, is now fire from Japan to Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, China.

every valentine’s day, that is, & other; Couples go to die die group & throughout; The & other; Holy day & throughout; . Joined the death to the group of young people will be dressed in & other Cling regimental & throughout; , singing in a couples gathered more location as & other We took numerous gathered here, resentment at the lovers flee ignominiously, mood how comfortable & throughout; This song. Still others wearing a regimental in rural couples home to show disdain.

in addition, death to the group’s members will wantonly spread on the Internet & other; We cheat strategy & throughout; , calling for single people to actively fight, to lead valentine’s day lovers tian du, and dividing a pair is a pair. These measures include: designed the check number to the cinema ticket to separate couples; Make a phone call to the hotel, big bed rooms are booked up, let the lovers in the snow cold; Take to the streets to see lovers will play the man a slap, shout loudly: & other; You don’t tell me, is this your sister! Throughout the &; & hellip; & hellip;

Promote reflection festival significance

actually, & other; Couples go to die die group & throughout; Not against love, they also hit the false love, hate with affection not only hate the love show lovers. Their question is also reflects the essence and significance of thinking for valentine’s day, for example & other; Don’t love the holidays you have to increase the performance? Throughout the &; & other; Now the couple won’t learn the feelings of the collect inside? Throughout the &; And so on.