A collector hold up a painter

liberation daily, Chen “mountain wind to 81.65 million yuan to refresh the Chinese oil painting auction record, surprise has not yet dispersed, sanyu paintings” five naked girls sold for hk $128 million, to push the Chinese oil painting platform for hundreds of millions of yuan. Confidence is good, what’s the main risk investment in the oil painting? Is the volume of traditional painting and calligraphy painting six times, whether there are great appreciation of space means that oil painting? BBS M50 in the day before yesterday the top art investment, art market experts HongPingTao amazing words, & other; Tibet home like a banker in the stock market, enough to prop up the market price of a painter & throughout; .

HongPingTao dunhuang art gallery, founded in 1983, a former Taiwan gallery, chairman of the association, engaged in works of art in Taiwan and Shanghai trading, witnessed the rapid development of Chinese oil painting history. He Gardner auction in 1994 on the focus, zhang xiaogang painting as an example, the painting was an estimated 30000 yuan, in 2007 was 23 million yuan. HongPingTao self-mockery, & other; If I what all not to sell, with all of the painting, now has become a billionaire. Throughout the &; His handling of zeng fanzhi paintings clap a 275000 dollars in 2004, 2008, the same size paintings sold for 67.7 million yuan. & other; Wu guanzhong “lion grove” at the beginning is to decorate the hotel, now more expensive than the picture in the hotel & throughout; , words trigger a hearty laughter at the scene.

HongPingTao think painting prices is so intertwined with Tibet home, & other; Chang works, for example, the biggest buyer is quanta chairman Barry lam. The number more than 250, he bought from last year’s “love bites lake” to “jia lotus root figure” this year, every chang record and Barry lam, this dish to maintain by him. At the beginning he bought just for hobby, now HuaJia has as much as his computer company. Throughout the &; Market boom also contributed to sky-high, HongPingTao said, & other; Price from 1 million yuan to 2 million yuan, not many people are willing to sell, 1 million yuan to 50 million yuan, everyone would like to cash out of collection. Work at the same time, high prices still have upside, 10 million yuan to 20 million yuan, buy the people may not feel, but from 10000 yuan to 1 million yuan, is very difficult. Throughout the &;

HongPingTao also attacked the current price and the position of phenomenon, & other; Works hang the headmaster, association President, head of the department of brand, the price high, such a phenomenon is not possible for too long. Artists should focus on the creation. Once someone ask zhao mo pole, where creative inspiration comes from, he replied, & lsquo; I don’t need inspiration, I at eight o ‘clock in the morning to the studio, studio six points in the afternoon, all the works from hard work earnestly, has nothing to do with the inspiration & rsquo; . Throughout the &;

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