“A dream of red mansions” gold kylin, Yin and Yang are a new license: Shi Xiangyun married baoyu jia qiang

Original title

Shi Xiangyun ending: & other; Love my brother & throughout; The love & other; Qiang brother & throughout; Is the beginning of arrange

Gold kylin real signal of Yin and Yang of a dream of red mansions is a decent great-great-grandson Shi Xiangyun marry jia jia qiang?

, cultural scholars Wang Honghua said, after research & other; Foreign minister beauty, both in sex and intelligent & throughout; Jia qiang is a make-shift of cfa & other; Prefer fairy lang & throughout; That has nothing to do with the jia baoyu or WeiReLan earlier speculation. Main basis is the thirtieth time treasure jade kirin lost under the rose frame, and the rose frame is 30 XiaoDan age officer had just across & other; Qiang & throughout; Word. Baoyu was intended to borrow rose the symbols substitute stealthily, replacement of jia planning & other; Because of kirin v whitehead binary & throughout; The actor. It seems to baoyu jia qiang Yu Xiangyun better than they are. The move and 28 he will back Jiang Yuhan sweat towel child donates attacks.

original text is as follows:

In previous years, the author has the main characters in a dream of red mansions the lotus, dai jade, treasure chai, the end of tanchun and others made a new deduce. The friend letter asking, why want to avoid Shi Xiangyun? I said, I am from the overall to local, from shallow to deep gradually resolved, who met who said. Shi Xiangyun is too important, I only dare to stay, can’t avoid, now finally grasp the hard evidence, you can talk to her. I think a make-shift never married baoyu, WeiReLan or others, the only her life marriage is married to jia qiang. The marriage although short, but very happy, & other; Ji moonlight wind yiu CV 18 & throughout; . After her long drift elsewhere, such as wild stock or floating clouds, YiShi master. Should & other; Cold pond crossing the crane shadow & throughout; .

a, treasure jade deliberately lost gold kylin, transfer a make-shift attention

You must remember, back to the treasure jade officer had inadvertently see XiaoDan age 30 in rose a lot under the cross & other; Qiang & throughout; Word, over and over again. But that very few people pay attention to the thirtieth time treasure jade also gold kylin lost here. Novel wrote, xiang cloud and cui strand & other; Said, side walk, just to rose, xiang cloud said: & lsquo; You see who it was off jewelry, and-either there. & rsquo; Cui heard, busy catch up holding in your hand, say with smile: & lsquo; Can be separated to the Yin and Yang & rsquo; & hellip; & hellip; Xiang cloud lifted up his eyes, and a test, but the color brilliant a gold kylin, palin than himself is big and has a color. A make-shift hand holding in the palm, only silence and, are from god, see suddenly treasure jade came from my side & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; Why should the novel for two consecutive mentioned rose back rack? Is not a coincidence! First officer see rose is age since then, so draw qiang word in the earth; Second is inspired by old officer, borrow rose the symbols substitute stealthily, to go out, replacement of kirin male leading role in the marriage to a make-shift hint is jia qiang, rather than the treasure jade.

The mainstream view is that gold kylin is FuBaoYu and a make-shift decree by destiny, even & other; Whitehead binary & throughout; . In fact, in front of kirin and mushi, good, are parents a trick is played, do not represent any god. At first, the treasure jade is intuitively doubt them, hate them, called & other; Something & throughout; The eyes, and then a KuiPo kirin case all of the process. When jia and determination and wood and good marriage is not appropriate, then must inform before 29 a make-shift back into Jia Fu Zhang Daoshi, staged an & other; Spoken & throughout; Looks like. Zhang Daoshi said: & other; The day before yesterday in a somebody else saw a lady, 15 years old this year, it is a lovely. I think boys should also happened to locate. If of the miss looking, intelligent, possessions and also match too, but I don’t know the old lady? & hellip; & hellip; Throughout the &; Jia: & other; & hellip; & hellip; Whatever his roots riches and honour, as long as looking the worthy, to tell me. Is the family is poor, but to give him some two money. Just like a rare good personality. Throughout the &; After 30 times, this with gold kylin 15-year-old girl is like a butterfly cana t. So naked performance, the treasure jade can read, of course, but he did not cut in question or JiePi, but counterplot, xiang cloud continue to a & other; Carelessness kirin & throughout; . I liked this really let a make-shift thoughts occurred subtle change, & other; Silence and, are from god. Throughout the &; This believe in Yin and Yang of the woman realized that it must be related to their marriage, is just a temporary also don’t know the specific meaning. But we can imagine that someday a make-shift was disappointed at the treasure jade, and understanding of jia qiang? Will recall rose under the frame of this scene, don’t think love brother lovely, qiang elder brother is god’s arrangement.

In the meantime the treasure jade with a twofold lie in: one is to intentionally lost myself accidentally; The second is to use a make-shift sided personality characteristics of Taoism, Yin and Yang, making destiny. Buddhist (dai jade, such as, wood and stone Treasure chai sided with Confucianism, such as marriage).

In fact, kirin is not lost treasure jade accidental inspiration, he often use tokens exchange way to distract the girl. Such as 28 will back to his sweat towel son turn to assail her waist, attacks then truth and Jiang Yuhan formed a couple. The treasure jade why do it? (1) he knew all myths are adults behind, now that you can make, and then I can say, in providence providence, which set a thief to catch a thief; (2) he found that the girls are impossible to believe in fate, now that you believe that I will take all means destiny fabricated, cater to; (3) he found women around him because narrowly to love their own horizons and communication, mistaking affection, friendship or affection for love. Itself as a relative freedom of man, have a responsibility to help them to find true love from the outside world. Baoyu was a make-shift line of sight to the jia rong mansion.

Treasure jade in addition to giving away the sweat towels to attacks, had also take great pains to north of the king of static & other; Beads & throughout; And & other Hat & throughout; Examples of the dai jade. In the society at that time, if not to & other; Pass on & throughout; , it is impossible to a man in his own right woman repeatedly praised before another man and giving away token.

2, free marriage, arranged marriage losing

So, why should we believe parents fails weaving myths, the myth of the treasure jade will succeed?

First, they created the myth of different starting point. Parents are monitored by the arranged marriage, & other; Mushi & throughout; Source Yu Linru sea, & other; Good & throughout; From Mrs Wang, & other; Kirin & throughout; From jia; The treasure jade is standing in the interests of the other side to consider, help the woman to find their own true love. Treasure jade in altruistic and at the same time, of course, also have selfish heart, hope of the vortex of lovers get rid of, in addition to get emotional independence and autonomy.

Second, the parents make is irreconcilable conflict. Just think, one party to the treasure jade marry dai jade, one party should treasure jade to marry treasure chai, have a party to a make-shift to marry him, how could such a myth to achieve at the same time? The treasure jade is in accordance with & other; Points set throughout the &; , win-win principle, will be attention to oneself, rong mansion outside the wider world. Have more chance to find love naturally, choice.

Third, parents USES is crush type, being less intelligent remained statistically significant negative; The treasure jade is they intend heuristic, easy to be accepted. A shallow, such as transfer of sweat towels will simple-minded attacks, lost the practice of kirin obscure, xiang cloud for brain flashes. Treasure jade is really understands matchmaking, if he repeated over and over in front of the dai jade until north static fought have refined taste, in the presence of a make-shift explain how jia qiang have prefer, how much it would be bad.

Fourth, the treasure jade not only to know how’s sense of honor, manufacturing fate, also can use action to promote things moving in the expected direction. Such as the seventy-fifth that zhen home is upon back to the treasure jade, and ZhenBaoYu went together with his family after they took the cautionary tale, eloped with xiang ling in advance. Actually, only the treasure jade this magnet disappear completely, can change history of xue, Lin, finally inherent emotion field lines, repositioning. Moreover, baoyu leave in advance can also give the woman leave calmly leave time, not wait until the complete destruction, no way out. Since then she from & other; Mushi & throughout; Turned to & other; Beads & throughout; Treasure chai from & other; Good & throughout; Turned to & other; Women of ring & throughout; , xiang cloud also cracked rose puzzle. They like, no treasure jade, love is more sweet, the world more wonderful!

Therefore, the success of the failure of the parents and the treasure jade is not accidental, is the result of the treasure jade secretly wits, a dream of red mansions also therefore had a comedy color.