A giant Buddha scenic spot to the university entrance exam students free: for last-minute rush

6, pingdingshan, lushan county, henan zhongyuan giant Buddha scenic area, the scenic spot staff in a simulated & other; For those & throughout; .

in the evening of June 5, is located in the henan pingdingshan lushan county giant Buddha scenic spot on its official web site of the central plains and official also posted a message on weibo: & other; 6-8, the scenic spot free open to university students, 7, instead of struggling to prepare for, than to the scenic spot for stress relaxation, play first game life. Scenic spot wish all the students: win over the university entrance exam first, achieve the goal to win! Pro, forward the micro blog skies oh good fortune. Throughout the &;

some netizens said, just this two or three days in the university entrance exam, free scenic spot to come out, also the masses when a fool indeed. Have net friend say, & other; Cramming & throughout; It is a derogatory term, which means no matter use, is the examinee to embrace, examinee also has a problem.

more netizens argue that this tweet can only chat, a smile, hope examinee don’t fall for it, no distractions, note is the way, with all my heart.