A girl named is “I” in jiangsu, 8000 people across the country have surname is “yes”

circulating on the Internet & other; Is I & throughout; The examinee college entrance examination information note photo

the popular weibo yesterday, & other; Is I & throughout; There is no doubt that made the list! A piece of the university entrance exam examinee name paper cause the attention of the public, because all the candidates’ name & other; Is I & throughout; ! Attract many people Shouting & other; Throughout my long live the emperor &; . We have learned, & other; Is I & throughout; A real person, wujin burn. Reporter contacted the examinee’s mother, she said it’s just a name, and her daughter had just finished college entrance examination, hope don’t hype the netizens.

on June 12 evening, @ fujiwara no weibo, & other; Girl’s name, let a person cannot look & throughout; & ndash; & ndash; @ fujiwara no posted a small photo, above 2012, jiangsu college entrance examination candidates name paper, & other; Is I & throughout; Two words really let a person shine at the moment. Looking closer, or girl’s name! Enough, that net friend yell & other; Throughout my long live the emperor &; .

this tweet was quickly spread, many people are very & other; Frozen chicken & throughout; , some guess is jiangsu college entrance examination examination room of 2012, is a spoof or should not be fake. Also have a net friend look photos, feel shadow is there in the picture, there are & other; PS” The suspicion.

but reporter survey found that & other; Is I & throughout; A real person, she is a girl, wujin burn, this year 19 years old, is the key of the changzhou yellow before high school senior middle school graduates of senior. She didn’t realize that the examination with a name check paper, let her become the Internet sensation.

reporter contacted me mother. Learned that the reporter to interview her, ask about the origin of the name, is mom was immediately refused, she said, she has to see online are saying & other; Is I & throughout; Fried, especially the microblog is very hot, really worried that will affect the child. Is mother said, the name is very common, is not special, don’t want to do more to explain don’t want to continue to hype online, my daughter just end the university entrance exam, the university entrance exam is not released, do not want to affect a child’s emotions, hope net friends, they just want to quiet life.

it is understood that the country is surnamed population about 8000 people, mainly in changzhou and its adjacent to wuxi, jiangyin, yixing, etc.

according to 2006 version “is jiangsu’s genealogy”, there are many special name. People born after 1949, for example, there are seven or eight call & other; Right and wrong & throughout; . There are two brothers in Shanghai, my brother, born in 1969, called & other; Right and wrong & throughout; Brother, born in 1973, that & other; Whether & throughout; . Some name is also very fun, such as & other; Is preferential & throughout; & other; Is small & throughout; & other; Is to increase & throughout; & other; Is a dream & throughout; & other; Is & throughout; .