A long vacation in embryo is the most important festival in the song dynasty put seven days off

2014 annual national holiday arrangement has been introduced, the general holiday days remain unchanged, especially the Spring Festival National Day long vacation is still expected. In fact, the holiday arrangement in the song dynasty had a prototype, at that time of the civil servants can enjoy all kinds of holiday now than they were less all the year round.

after the song dynasty unified, vigorously develop the economy, social prosperity, people’s standard of living has larger ascension. It is because of the good social environment, the song dynasty rulers feel for civil servants, and more for their holiday, very thoughtful and detailed arrangements.

fake comments & ndash; & ndash; Today’s Sunday

follow the ten-day holiday system in tang dynasty, song dynasty also like today’s Sunday. Just at that time was 10, eshoo, generally in every meadow at the end of the month three days off.

MAO, of the first year of treasure Song Ting regulation of the ten-day holiday, the emperor did not temple longer serve, and gave her leisure massage one day. & other; Throughout each ten-day only a grey day leisure services &; That every month 10, 20, or 29 (miscarriage) a holiday. Visible at that time, not only pay attention to rest, to the civil service that more was already very pay attention to personal hygiene and image. Specifically a month off for three days, let officials take bath.

but the ten-day holiday, there are exceptions, or special circumstances, will unconsciously stripped. Injong kangding first year (1040) in February, for the xixia YuanHao insurgency, border tight, ren-zong next command: a letter to the door and the privy council, 3 department, & other; From today on large sections, taboo to give false, the rest of the section, meadow, and went to the temple to play throughout the &; . It commanded, officials had to suspend the ten-day holiday, go all out to do business. This is not way, officials have not rest, will inevitably impact on business. In the same year in June, the academician bachelor tinto saw this problem, the hydrophobic injong put forward in order to restore calm, & other; Leave for the same, no foreign glimpse into court throughout shallow deep &; Injong may feel justified, and decided to resume the ten-day holiday. To ning zong, fixed the holiday season, in the form of laws and regulations in its introduced the article celebrating hurrying class & other; Throughout the holiday &; One day, every ten-day holiday.

holiday & ndash; & ndash; A similar small long vacation today

in the song dynasty, is the most important festival, festival, cold food, and the winter solstice, Song Ting rules every seven days off, including Hugh for five days. Festival is New Year’s day, at the age of the song dynasty wu self “dream liang record” records: & other; The ShuoRi day, New Year’s day, common for the New Year. First section sequence, this is a list. Officer put private house Jiu Qian Sanri, photograph, and her husband are fine people, men and women also are bright clothes, pay a visit on holidays. Throughout the &; It seems that at that time, should be as grand as today’s Chinese New Year. Cold every year on April 4th, the day the fireworks, eat cold food, activities and martyrs, then go for an outing, swing, cuju, pull hook, eggs and other customs, before and after the cold stretching more than two thousand years, has been called the largest folk death, then gradually merged with tomb-sweeping day. The winter solstice is to worship the day of worship ancestors, the emperor held outside the day to worship, the people in this day to parents or elders worship. Thus, in the feudal society of the song dynasty, the three festivals is one of the most important, of course. So Song Ting give officials put a long holiday, like today’s national Spring Festival, also for seven days.

in addition, feasts, has, in the three days, Hugh service one day. Spring club, autumn club, shangsi, ChongWu (dragon boat), chongyang, spring, summer, volts, beginning of autumn, the Tanabata, autumnal equinox, grant the clothes, the beginning of winter, all the day off. The summer solstice, LaRi, off for three days. The big sacrifice, all false one day.

here’s & other; Fake & throughout; Day refers to the officials in Beijing exempted from ginseng, & other; Hugh services & throughout; Refers to all levels of government office stop office. Since then, the song dynasty & other; Or because of old, or additional celebration day, ten day give massage, all the leisure services, and throughout the on &; . When the emperor song zhenzong, big sacrifice every year, avoid a day a few days ago, the emperor did not sit temple, is exempted from the participation in Beijing officials, i.e. the off. Ganjitsu, winter solstice, cold food still have seven days, feasts, yuan skarn are still cases such as holiday. New day celebration day, congenital, st, every five days vacation; Day kei section, section Kuang each holiday day by day. Then set up the shot festival celebration day and day, day Kuang section; Five years has established the innate section and feasts, regulations leave 5 each. December qingli periods, three yuan festival has, in the yuan, the yuan, as well as the summer solstice, LaRi & other; Since today and leisure service & throughout; . Originally on the summer solstice and LaRi officials only three China off, and leisure services, officials actually really enjoy the holiday.

countries avoid false & ndash; & ndash; With the emperor of the bodhi old zu light

avoid is the kingdom of song dynasty, it is to point to by specific the imperial government towards the first anniversary of the death of emperor, successively. The fear into big fear and small avoid two kinds, the first is the song MAO statue of ancestors and began to implement. In addition to his father XuanZu as taboo, other after honour ancestors were little jealous. Later, the song after the death of MAO and the mother of the queen mother, the letter to the big fear for its death on June 2. Since then, after the death of the emperor and empress, are made by the new emperor deathday faux pas.

in addition, avoid is also divided into double cream and single cream, single cream is only one a day before the emperor or the deathday successively, double cream on the same day to have two or more first emperor or successively deathday. Song MAO first Chinese death regulation, all for the day, & other; The ban, waste services, notions of the buddhist temple incense throughout the fast &; . Every big fear, in the book door all officials attend the memorial service, every little cream, wheel sent an official to lent the buddhist temple incense. & other; The state of the prison as. Throughout the &; At the same time, the rules before the big fear one day, the emperor temple don’t sit longer serve, officials in Beijing is facing off.

the above holiday season, early false (three days a month, the year 36), the civil servants in the song dynasty throughout the year a total of 124 days vacation. In addition, the song dynasty and officials took off, the private avoid false, home leave, sick leave, etc. The text/Liu Yongjia