A man claiming to “barbie” control 2000 barbie dolls with 4 bedroom (FIG.)

American man Stanley & other; Barbie doll & throughout; Screenshot (web page)

international online features: the walls covered with 2000 of the 1000 barbie dolls, barbie’s & other; Her boyfriend & throughout; Ken, look, what do you think this is a museum. In fact this is the man Stanley (Stanley Colorite) home.

according to the British “daily mail” reported on March 7, at 41, Stanley claim & other; Barbie control & throughout; From more than ten years ago, he collection of barbie dolls, spending $30000 a year. His house in Florida has 7 bedrooms, between the four of them were filled with barbie dolls, a total of $80000, is a regular & other; Dream & throughout; .

& have spent

American man Stanley & other; Barbie doll & throughout; Screenshot (web page)

Stanley for these boys bought 3000 sets of clothes, including Oscar & middot; Della Aaron such fashion master works. In addition, he also doll is equipped with a camper, model aircraft, motorcycles, luxury cars, etc. One of the most expensive a value of $1000, its configuration from mouthwash to equipped with shower equipment and elevator mansion from soup to nuts.

Stanley said, since I bought the first barbie doll, the collection hobby haven’t stopped, & other; Bobby is not only children’s toys, is also the pursuit of adult collectors. I can’t stop, just like addicted. Throughout the &;

Stanley themselves will also design a barbie doll, today he from toy stores, grocery store or online for every month to about 20 doll.

Stanley said, everyone who visit his home will get a shock, his wish is to fill all the bedroom. (xu)