A man was sexually assaulted American college students onlookers applauded contentious (FIG.)

a man take off his trousers, insult coma football fans. (video capture)

international online features: according to the British “daily mail” reported on January 18th, recently, a video circulating on the Internet, according to the United States an unconscious man football fans rival supporters sexual assault team, dozens of students gathered by it, but there was none to help.

evil ma insult coma football fans. (video capture)

video was shot on January 9, the coma fans from Louisiana state university, he looked in the city of New Orleans, Louisiana state university and the university of Alabama after the football game, suddenly fainted at a fast-food restaurant. Video display, a man climb on the table, of the university student fainted with genital constant friction each other’s face, dozens of students gathered at the university of Alabama.