A miracle of god of the song dynasty mother-in-law: away with daughter married three men (FIG.)

this article from the fragmentary history amorous feelings “, the author: Zhao Yan, press: wuhan press

song of god (figure)

this few days, the hottest vocabulary, than to elope. Home has a wife wang proudly announced with girlfriend elopement, up media.

play to elope, between men and women usually have several things in common: single, has the external force in & other; Called yuanyang & throughout; , the pursuit of happiness life, and so on. The Wang Renxiong elopement, probably due to the latter, left home, nothing more than to everyone that a buzzword: my happiness to my family.

it’s a pity that ah, Mr. Wang had still not pure, and one thousand years ago a woman comparison, Zhao Yan thought, and he’s third grade level.

north Song Ying zong years said that, in the capital of song dynasty Kyoto a mean, choi family is for my son angiotesin wedding. Cui home is to do small business, family is not so good, so, do something less slightly simple wedding, the bride is not happy. Why not happy? The vulgar.

bride home surnamed li, at least in the capital of song dynasty city is a & other; The middle class & throughout; Family, the rich man. The song dynasty have & other; Marry a gold, silver & marry throughout; Custom, the wife of him is very rich, sometimes, even the man should take the life to the wedding banquet, her family and responsibility to the end. The big miss li to see the wedding so simple summary, a handsome frame immediately into stats.

ok the groom Cui Jiesheng well, handsome and gentle, big miss li very satisfied, then, the couple began their own sweet marriage. A year later, lee gave birth to a girl, sweet marriage never sweet.

because angiotesin is absolutely a common persons, the historical data can’t find his detailed records, their character, idea and how human, we can only carry on the reasonable inference.

to buy and sell the somebody else’s child, hear is how to do business, form the character of profit is possible, in the emotional may be weak, and this is the first; Secondly, gentle personality, there is also a pronoun, called cowardice, this kind of men are often more daughter gas, less manly; Third, the family concept is deeply ingrained, when most people are such, angiotesin mostly not exempt. These three points, is likely to be directly responsible for their marriage on the red light.

gave birth to a girl, lee’s in the mind also humbled, boy or girl, is I a person can decide? Angiotesin zha don’t you look for their own reasons? You shivers anywhere with me, I didn’t wait on. Originally, she was out to garden, met a handsome boy named as sentient beings, younger sister, early cheek by jowl. After two people discuss, decided to elope, to pursue their own happy life. But lee conditional, it is ok to elope, daughter also must be taken, as a handsome boy happily agreed.