A naked man who “Monkey King” to jump bridge firefighters play “tang’s monk” to save


on December 6, 2011, a suspected insane man naked to climb up the guangdong dongguan high top, then bridge claimed to be & other; The Monkey King & throughout; . After repeated persuasion, naked male finally give up fire trucks to jump the bridge.

international online news: on December 6, 2011, 9 o ‘clock in the morning, a suspected insane man naked to climb up the guangdong dongguan high top, then bridge is not bridge top 20 or 30 meters high above the ground when walking around to play, a claim to be & other; The Monkey King & throughout; . A naked man an hour and a half later, firefighters use psychology, clever references of tang’s monk enlightening episodes in the journey to the west, will be under the naked man advised.

naked man climbed up the top bridge

according to witnesses, the naked man was on December 6, at 9 o ‘clock to high then bridge. From his high then Wan Jiang direction to walk all the way to high then bridge. Due to high then bridge arch bridge tower wire and tube and climb the handle for maintenance, the prime of naked man easily climbed up the bridge of the arch bridge tower, and 30 meters high and eventually reach the surface of the bridge.

there are passing citizen sees the shadow of the bridge shaking immediately called the police. Soon, then the public security, fire control, hospitals and other related departments were at the scene, started the organization rescue operations. Fire officers and soldiers in the middle of the road up against a cushion. At first, the traffic police department on the bridge is not closed, because during the morning rush, vehicles and pedestrians.

naked male weird on top of the bridge, sometimes torn wire and plastic pipe, sometimes go back and forth at the top of the bridge, and made the action of all sorts of weird sometimes. He did not scruple beneath the bridge traffic. Top man’s bridge, standing space narrow, if men dive off the bridge, whether to jump on the deck or in the river, the consequence is unimaginable.