“A new generation of rock godfather” Mr Wang: rock should be the most mainstream

40 years old, but he said he didn’t because as a father, in the middle and start smoldering, on the contrary, he is more angular.

Mr Wang just 40 years old this year, is preparing for his new album. His assistant said, from Mr Wang often work till the morning, afternoon and the album & other; Will shock people & throughout; .

the famous rock in the 1990 s, it seems that only Mr Wang still fluttered in diligently. Like any normal & other; Artist & throughout; , he sign company, on the album, a concert, entertainment interview, also some controversial news. Mr Wang clearly know, he’s & other; Entertainment & throughout; A member of. For this, some people say that he is a rock ‘n’ roll & other Defectors & throughout; , also have called him a rock & other; Survivors & throughout; .

in Zhang Bei festival, rock band & other; Second-hand roses & throughout; Late because of traffic jam, they mentioned to the audience so that Mr Wang, & other; Your Chinese is a new generation of rock and roll the godfather, is blocking the road! Throughout the &;

& other; Rock should be the most mainstream & throughout;

Zhang Bei music festival on July 30th, Mr Wang clearly better than other rock singer & other; Mainstream & throughout; . He swear, to stand in the distance & other; Fans friends & throughout; Say hello, introduce the band, but also thanks to the extra light stage as well as the organizers, even let the audience & other; Eventful & throughout; . When Mr Wang asked the audience want to listen to what song, tens of thousands of people chanted: & other; “Fly higher! Throughout the &; His modelling also carefully prepared: identify sex & other; The plane head & throughout; Comb, allegedly to 45 minutes. Under the natural state, Mr Wang’s hair was curled, but it can’t openly on the media.

he fine effect for the performance requirements. After the performance, has been a little more in the morning, Mr Wang returned to the lounge, and the band members discuss the show slight lack of sound sound. The fine is the norm of Mr Wang, 2010 concert, in order to show effect, the organizers lost nearly 2 million yuan.

a friend zheng jun said, Mr Wang was too nervous, too care about. Is Mr Wang’s answer is: & other; I can only say that LaoZheng to oneself too relaxed about in the field of music. If he was referring to the every album I have so many works, that I admit that this is one of the most important to me. Throughout the &;

and many rock, Mr Wang is also start from underground band. But he never think & other; Rock & throughout; Must have and & other Poor & throughout; With & other; The poor & throughout; Hook. & other; If the perfecting of countries and regions, should enjoy rock is the highest status, wealth, and audiences. Throughout the &;

perhaps & other; Mainstream & throughout; Let Mr Wang in rock & other; Defectors & throughout; The controversy. He really started to martial arts, is the “fly higher”. The song of self-help, simple, and just in time for god six heaven. In the back of these let Mr Wang & other; Speculative & throughout; That is said to be & other; “Rock ‘n’ roll banner liar & throughout; . However, when people slowly found, cui jian, dou wei, Ding Wu, zheng jun of the famous rock characters such as little movement, Mr Wang into Chinese rock & other; Only & throughout; The singer.

& other; Shake not rock, to listen to music, watching a concert, said other useless. Throughout the &; Mr Wang know their own & other; Surviving & throughout; : & other; In the field of rock and roll, at home, my situation is probably the best one, with survivors don’t know if appropriate, I am not sad, is not a legacy of, can only say that insist on to now is still good. Throughout the &; Now Mr Wang dare think John & middot; John lennon and Bob & middot; Dylan’s height, ask yourself, are they really so far away?

& other; There is no credit card throughout her &;

Mr Wang put the “good night, Beijing” and “in the spring” as their own & other First works & throughout; . When writing “good night, Beijing” in 1996, Mr Wang are living a “in the spring of 2009 the memories in the life: no credit card without her, a home without 24 hours hot water.

Mr Wang from 5 years old started learning the violin, 15 hear Tchaikovsky’s music, with tears to truly feel the charm of music for the first time. When I was in high school, he heard the luo “of the people and”. & other; It is the most pure and particularly the great rock album, he was 10 years earlier than cui jian. Throughout the &; Mr Wang at that time, there is no clear concept on the rock and roll, but he knew that the music is good.

in 1996, the central ballet violinist Mr Wang gave up the iron rice bowl, start on playing rock and roll. Days no later painted “in the spring a pure and good. Mr Wang found himself cannot rely on music and ideal feed themselves. He took his & other; BaoGu street number 43 & throughout; Band, in winter, riding a bicycle to go out, look for a person to listen to songs around small kind. He can’t afford to pay the rent, poor home only to find when parents write ious for money.

Mr Wang’s, not even the Chinese rock & other; The golden age & throughout; . In the description of critics, li wan, 1996 Chinese rock is in & other; The end of a sensation throughout the &; And began to enter into a long & other; Aphasia period & throughout; Three jie, cui jian, the tang dynasty, working, and stir before: these are 1994 & other; Rock musicians can say a vibration of the whole society, when rock musicians tried to reveal the new realities of the new era, the public has lost its responsiveness. Throughout the &;

By 1997,

it seems to be a turnaround, & other; BaoGu street number 43 & throughout; The band signed JingWen record, finally officially released the album “size 43 Ⅰ BaoGu street”. But Mr Wang did not therefore and rich, in relation to the mainstream, the whole band together with the agent, they can only share an income of 12000 yuan.

period continued until 1999. Xu Xiaofeng warner music into China, the President signed the deal, Mr Wang, but the condition is, don’t sign the band, only to sign him. Mr Wang later said that it was a & other; A grandson & throughout; , but & other; Can’t & throughout; Thing to do. He signed up, has formed a new band, gradually paid rose from 3000 yuan to 200000 yuan.

after the fly higher, Mr Wang the real fire. But it is his most painful period. The many man’s & other; Carrying rock banner liar & throughout; Issue is spent his confusion: & other; I found in bit by bit to determine must devote special clear direction. Throughout the &; Compared with the period, Mr Wang think even before those days of no money is nothing.

& other; I never been in a & throughout;

Mr Wang apparent when it comes to money, he even has a sense of purpose on the relationship between the money and rock ‘n’ roll: & other; I hope one day, my concert, my appearance is the highest in China, because I think values. I said these words a little won’t feel ashamed of myself, I want to control. Rock for a long time has not been the highest, and even the third, the fourth, if I can do, begin from me. Throughout the &;

in 2009, “the belief in the air flying,” Mr Wang wrote a song called vanity fair: to pack to pack good, star and beggars, to control your face, to show your kindness & hellip; & hellip; Actually everyone to see, you do better than the movie is wonderful, in fact we all understand that it is but just is a vanity fair.

Mr Wang know clearly that himself in the entertainment circle of vanity fair. & other; I’m not in the entertainment circle, too? I am also one of them. But at least I know, I can stay awake on the inside, it has made me feel particularly ugly side. Forever will be helpless, need temporary adaptation to global, for the sake of others, need to cooperate, this I, where to go but I didn’t feel awkward. Throughout the &; His ex-girlfriend ge hui gem in the blog wrote: & other; Are you a singer, a poet, is the performer. Throughout the &; But Mr Wang resolutely denied. He reclined on the sofa, smoking a cigarette, & other; I can be very frankly tell you, I never been in a. Throughout the &;

in his forties, and have a daughter, Mr Wang felt not because when dad and become soft, become more angular. & other; You can listen to come out, “faith waving in the air” is a child later wrote songs. Throughout the &; In this called & other; Mr Wang is the most open & throughout; The album, he is still angry, irony in vanity fair, cursing the world & other; Boring & throughout; Sue, but also to the youth don’t, and ultimately to the idol Bob & middot; Dylan, raised & other; Faith & throughout; The standard.

Mr Wang like referred to in the song & other; Faith & throughout; Such words. Now his famous advantageous, and at the beginning & other Poor shake & throughout; When faith without any change. & other; Faith is never because of the change of the experience of life, fate, rich and poor, to change a thing. Like a pack of cigarettes, a tree, a house, a socialist, a image, everything in the world. Is music to me. Throughout the &;

Mr Wang:

dialogue is the most interesting of the most boring

reporter: now the environment is better than the 90 s rock music?

Mr Wang: we can see signs of the whole must be good. Now the whole market and the audience to a larger, times have changed, the acceptance of the higher. If only stand on my personal position, must be much better.

reporter: why didn’t appear in the 90 s that sensational rock singer?

Mr Wang: there are many and music at the same time we do, now not to do early in the industry. New, being younger, not that bad, want to have a really thorough popular feeling, can represent the present state of the whole society works, can make you weight is heavier. Younger generation is more focused on their own status and description of life now, just now this day and age, our life, let a person feel more disappointed, more not painful not to itch. Unlike the era, ideological upheaval period, there are a lot of great conflict. The era of the hard life and extremely isolated public opinion environment, and certainly not now. Less pressure, less. The period of the outstanding works are still outstanding, but can’t said stiffly at that time, miss is ok, if is defined as the most brilliant best, I don’t agree with from the start. The good because no contrast.

reporter: would you like a brand to run?

Mr Wang: creation is music itself has nothing to do with running it. In terms of commercial packaging, sign my company to consider, although I can offer my thoughts, the real idea is their things, if you have the concept of business, I can tell what the team is good, what I don’t need.

reporter: what is the most care about the criticism?

Mr Wang: if there is a distorted news, I will stand up and say the truth. If funny, it’s not a value, I don’t care. I care about is the one really insightful criticism. There are some people like China, I think there is a real level: wang, li wan, Hao Fang. They always let me feel very convincing, say it out is one level. All the most scathing criticism is that 99% of people don’t understand, is I works specific analysis, including the lack of huge loopholes and psychological foundation of lyrics. These people have experienced, particularly helpful to me.

reporter: in addition to music, what’s most important to you?

Mr Wang: my family. Film, poetry, these are all I am particularly interested in, always like it. And the development of the society, is that everyone will focus on, my life is boring and simple.

reporter: 40 years old, and still believe in what?

Mr Wang: can I believe in is that I know myself. I can only say that, in addition, the change of all the people, the change of society and the change of the state, all the things tell me, not don’t want to believe, is believed to have no meaning.

reporter: find what the world interesting, boring?

Mr Wang: I don’t think the world’s most interesting things is one of the most interesting, do you think of the most interesting is the most boring. Nothing can specifically refer to, you can go to think, where everybody’s interest in life, you can go to this sentence.