, a professor at the university graduation speech with zhen 嬛 body: scholar you must be very good

graduation season, always crazy holiday stuff. & other; Senior streaking throughout the &; & other; Play & lsquo; Seeking arrangement & rsquo; The slogan & throughout; , be in time for staging, leng get graduation into heavy taste, etc; And all kinds of speech, also join & other; Crazy chorus & throughout; Come in. Since & other; Root uncle & throughout; Speech burst after graduation speech at & other; Partial transformation & throughout; : not repeat & other case; Volunteers with high & throughout; Preaching, less mainstream, to go & other; Popular throughout a pot of stew &; The rocks.

recently, heat transfer law school of zhejiang university associate professor Gao Yandong online, in the class of 2012 students of a graduation ceremony & other; Zhen 嬛 body & throughout; Speech, including & other; I personally think, men scholar must be very good, and all the love qing are Gao Shuai rich & throughout; Such sayings, there is also a & other; Zhejiang university is a small three & throughout; Language of thunder. (July 1, the modern express)

the most cool & other; Zhen Huan & throughout; The wind, learn to zhen 嬛 tone parody, is netizens welcomed form of entertainment. This is very unusual, in a style in nowadays, people’s carnival, is in a rush to parody, deconstruction. & other; Every object & throughout; Pop, streets, everywhere is & other; Love & times; & times; And do not love & times; & times; Throughout the &; Make a sentence.

Gao Yandong teachers don’t & other; Bump mann & throughout; : speech a few light & other; Grosvenor LTD handsome & throughout; & other; Small three & throughout; & other; 2 & throughout; Etc, is extremely popular element. The whole speech, carry out a casually, can into stand-up. I think, if use body bosom friend give it to a topic, available & other; That play the unruly, associate professor, unexpectedly is small three & throughout; .

this paragraph talking, from beginning to end, are full of playful banter. Some wulitou twitter, as “a Chinese Odyssey” tang’s monk type in the nag; Some words, and a little & other; Cadres are under the cadres & throughout; The gag. Until finally, tone became deep feeling: & other; Please let me in the name of the teacher say: I really love you & throughout; .

on the Internet, it has led to differ: or said its refining, or that it’s frivolous & hellip; & hellip; This a few as inevitable, & other; Chemical song & throughout; Were put on the shelves of grand judge, & other; Zhen Huan body & throughout; Which can be public eye snubbed talk?

in my opinion, this speech is not cynicism. It there a pathological concept, some still the smell of chicken soup. Somewhat like the Spring Festival gala, to make a monkey out of jokes too spirit, finally locate in & other; True & throughout; The value of exhortation; And like zhou libo lightening, much logic jumping, for manufacturing the tipping point. Zhejiang university students have & other; Small three spirit & throughout; & ndash; & ndash; & other; Knowing that no position, believe that have the opportunity to & throughout; Statements, such as far-fetched.

however, it is full of wit and wit or cracks, and why? Diagnosis of education view, to judge the futile, destined to boring. In the graduation will be tense, carnival, also be the completion of a kind of knot. In my Alma mater, graduated from every water-sprinkling festival parade, graduation is necessary. When the outside world public opinion out & other; The spirit of reduced & throughout; , but we read, a not & other; Indulge & throughout; The emotion.

& other; Zhen Huan body & throughout; Speech, after all, no place & other Look at the Olympic Games, his joy & throughout; The clue, rambling, lets the student was in tears. In essence, the relationship between teachers and students spectral switch to & other; I and the harem & throughout; Mode of entertainment, & other; Nondestructive mutual affection between teachers and students, think it is very good & throughout; . Graduation, abandon the serious, the emotion flowing, have what not satisfactory?