A tang dynasty official nickname’s got talent A nickname to amuse wu zetian

wu zetian period, the official zhang yuan is a nickname, his nickname for others though enough damage of wicked enough, but also appropriate vividly.

the hall nephew of wu zetian dwarf Wu Yizong ugly. In 697, wu zetian sent Wu Yizong qidan, this guy behaves BanShiHuiChao, rusty, but big celebration dinner. Zhang yuan a dismissive of his virtue, poetry: & other; Short bow long arrow, shu Ma Lin Pian. To a thief, in seven hundred Wei wall battle alone. Meet the thief suddenly, riding a pig south. Throughout the &; Mean, you long bow in hand, is close to the arrow shot, ChuanMa is small, you also want to find a stage to ride. The enemy had passed away in seven hundred, you are around the walls with yourself. Suddenly encounter the enemy, you fled south riding a pig. Wu zetian q: & other; Why should taken have a horse, ride a pig? Throughout the &; Zhang yuan said: & other; Wu3 da4 general when he heard that the enemy is coming, scared shit together, with the pigs (homophonic excrement) enter ran, not riding a pig and flee? Throughout the &; Wu zetian joke. Wu Yizong & other; Riding a pig general & throughout; The bills to spread.

elegance, ministry of supervision section chief Kong Luqiu name is coarse, zhang yuan a send his address & other image; Bald eagles in phoenix pool & throughout; . Group vice minister of Auckland, walking habits raise high on his XiBo big head, by zhang yuan a nicknamed & other; Looking at willow camel & throughout; . Supervisory vice-minister yuan Ben has not respected hunched over, his black, zhang yuan a call him & other; Lingnan test standard & throughout; , laughed at him as a south barbarians were generally short and black. Defense secretary Zhu Qian suspected head and large thick neck, body always greasy dirty, zhang yuan a derided him as & other; Lu zhang light meals & throughout; Chinese chef, that is, state guesthouse. Famous scholar Ma Jifu blind in one eye, seeing the other one up and always like squinting in the target, so called & other; The arrows teacher & throughout; . Some department bureau class cadre of Confucianism son eyes looking up to heaven, therefore be dubbed & other; Jealousy han & throughout; . The sishui river county magistrate Su Zheng behave frivolous not very decent, by zhang yuan a called & other; Loss of hole mice & throughout; , he likened to find holes and rats scampering about confusion.

zhang yuan a this cat like a nickname for others harm, oneself also & other Because of the karma & throughout; . He called & other; Looking at willow camel & throughout; Auckland, also gave him the nickname pure and fresh and free from vulgarity, & other; Countercurrent toad & throughout; . What meaning? That zhang yuan a has a large beer belly, legs short, thick, fat more can’t see the neck, and eyes cream convex outward, not like a caricature pot-bellied toad? But the toad. This can give those zhang yuan together under the nickname had hate!