A total of 577 pieces of nation heritage His son JiCheng requirements of Peking University was also refers to the love of money

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about Chinese master ji’s legacy, he only JiCheng recently held a scene with the relevant person in charge of Beijing university, JiCheng told our reporter, he was in the interview, first proposed the idea of a returned to Peking University stage heritage: Peking University in the first returned within a week away from home in March, 2009 & other; You keep & throughout; 38 pieces of more than 500 relics elective return another. The north has said this week will give a reply.

– a total of 577 pieces of ji heritage

first return 38 pieces

JiCheng told our reporter, oneself on March 30, and interviewed the relevant person in charge of north side, JiCheng proposed to return within a week of 38 pieces of precious cultural relics in the nation’s heritage, the rest of the more than 500 relics can be returned, & other; Peking University said they discussed and then reply to me, considering the qingming holiday, Peking University should give me a reply this week. Throughout the &;

after he died in 2009, JiCheng from Peking University require heritage has not stopped, but also has not get clear answer for the north, this is the first time JiCheng partial returned to Peking University. JiCheng said, was put forward to return to Peking University 38 pieces of precious cultural relics, because these relics have & other; Temporarily by Peking University library save & throughout; Directory listing. The most precious of the nation’s heritage in the north, a total of 577 pieces of calligraphy and painting, including su dongpo’s “ode to imperial book” 38 pieces of cultural relics is very valuable, & other; On March 23 to 26, 2009 BeiDaPa a team counted his father’s house, finally choose 38 pieces of precious cultural relics, required by the school for safekeeping. Throughout the &;

– allegedly & other; The love of money & throughout; , & other Big-spending & throughout;

donate not donate is determined by the sovereign people

in July 2009, after the death of Mr Ji JiCheng representations in Peking University and have been reported by the media, though so far representations of effect is not obvious, but many outsiders JiCheng accused voice, too, says its & other; The love of money & throughout; , & other The black sheep of his family & throughout; , & other Providing & throughout; That JiCheng said thanks to the north to Mr Ji to take care of, but not negotiating with Peking University is providing rights, & other; Love is feeling, method is method. Throughout the &;

JiCheng said: & other; Belong to your property and money to maintain, human rights violations. This is nothing to blame. For money, of course, also should have the proper processing, we will not wasteful, and will return in some form society, such as setting up he is bonus. Throughout the &; JiCheng in rare and precious cultural relics of Peking University why seizing old post said, & other; Why don’t I was accused of giving, says contributed calculate, the problem is not solved? First of all, I think, donation or not is the rights of the sovereign people donate to not donate can only be determined by the sovereign people. Throughout the &;

– Peking University declined to comment on

nobody willing to take responsibility

in the process of JiCheng to punish heritage of Peking University, the media is necessarily more JiCheng & other; In accordance with the law, punish & throughout; Voice, rare in Beijing university.

nearly JiCheng and both sides of the people familiar with the Beijing university told our reporter, JiCheng with Peking University things if I can in a peaceful settlement is the best, but the law to solve the possibility of more, & other; Mr Ji’s most valuable cultural relics under the real master of Peking University, in the past few years, the north’s leadership has change more, let the nation’s heritage in oneself is responsible for the period from the actual master of Peking University, many head is not willing to see. Throughout the &; Because litigation against the insider says, if north aspects have to to return heritage JiCheng, need not LaMaiYuan relevant principals, bear the responsibility.