AA marriage caused big discussion: reflect female independent consciousness?


li xiaolu (second left), a long (second from right), su (left), Cao Bingkun (far right) play after two of 80 couples in the implement & other AA system after marriage & throughout; .

go out to eat, AA checkout; Love spending, AA separate accounting; Wedding expenses, split AA & hellip; & hellip; Now popular within marriage & other; AA & throughout; . Urban drama “the AA system life” tonight will be lowered in hunan satellite TV. Tired of watching SaGouXie, family ethics play to the extreme, “the AA system life” as the focus in the new marriage law “promulgated after the first couple of life series, aimed at financial hot spot of a new generation of young people, face up to 80 after the survival and marriage crisis, also caused the discussion of AA system of marriage at the same time.

ground attract a younger audience

AA system life is li xiaolu, a long story, su, Cao Bingkun playing two 80 after a couple of practice & other AA system after marriage & throughout; After various of contradictions and differences between both parents. Drama, li xiaolu playing the role of a He Qi and long husband Korea signed a treaty of AA heart, she is responsible for the daily operations of the property management fee, water and electricity gas and so on, han is responsible for 96 square meters of the house loan & hellip; & hellip; Korea’s heart always disagree with & other; Rational ruthless & throughout; Point of view, and pinch pennies a day, stop He Qi extravagance and waste, love comparisons of He Qi will & other; Close one & throughout; Stick to it, two people conflict escalates, appear even the small three come.

according to the ratings data analysis, in addition to the aunt, mother old audience lionized, 20 to 29, college students and white-collar workers as the main audience. After the show to attract 80, 90, after the reason & other; Grounding gas & throughout; . Unlike most family film seems to be only screamed at the top of her mother-in-law war, period of scattered to & other; Abuse & throughout; The ratings, however, not all family to go extreme achievement, not all her husband was having an affair, not all 80 marriages ended in divorce after & hellip; & hellip; TV series only reflect real life and problems can cause the resonance of the younger viewers. The total producer shi biao play thinks, facing the two 80 after a couple of problems such as house, car, money, performance is the present young people living confusion and difficulties, the play AA elaborated by distribution, cost of living is also young people eager to economic independence.

in addition to the plot, lines grounding gas has become a focal point of the “AA system life”. These lines or witty, or philosophical, anyhow say to the audience’s heart. Similar & other; Fastest after married, become a philosopher is husband, become economists is wife, fastest fastest become strategic experts throughout the old father-in-law &; , & other Divorce is not a shame these days, to marry the wrong only a shame & throughout; Lines, such as the audience, said its humor degree comparable to that year of baogang zhao “defend marriage”, “the man is helped”. Directed chen-yang zhao said, these lines are not intentionally to play & other; Scott humor & throughout; , only on life experience & other; An objective expression & throughout; .

article against marriage couples AA system

“the AA system life” of the ratings at the same time, also led to a society for what you want & other AA life & throughout; Discussion, and even the property developers also & other; AA marriage room & throughout; Sales of new solutions. & other; Originally just wanted to shoot the story of a warm, let you enjoy, didn’t expect response would be so big. Throughout the &; Producer shi biao told yesterday morning paper reporter.

a lot of the audience on distribution of AA reservations cost of living, some people think that & other; AA system life is rich talent throughout the day &; ; Someone said, & other; A woman conceive, and bear children too hard, a man want to AA, how much is this? Throughout the &; Shi biao think that poor people have no real experience to AA, & other; Heart does not accept a lot of small husband and wife, but to also mortgages, car loans, you are responsible for money, also I am responsible for the cost of living, this is AA. Throughout the &;

what AA system, and how to implement? Shi biao advocate & other; Throughout all feelings &; And pointed out that, & other; AA is not haggle over every ounce, marriage is supposed to be unclear, leading to more confused marriage more sticky, want to be happy, remember that don’t really sure. Throughout the &; She also points out the progressive significance of AA system of marriage, which reminds women to have the independent consciousness.

a lot of star also joined in the discussion about the subject of AA has been promoted to producer actress lin2 xin such as in favor of AA, she believes that women should be independent, can’t think of anything to rely on others. In the actor Ma Suze think: & other; AA, but after marriage between husband and wife before marriage is acceptable or not divided so fine is better, after all be a family, too much emphasis on AA or some hurt feelings. The real marriage life, the most important still is the spiritual independence between two people. Throughout the &; Li xiaolu grew up abroad were neutral, don’t think AA AA completely depends on the individual, but soon to be & other; Mrs Jarvis & throughout; The marriage, she asked whether AA, is very sweet, said: & other; My husband won’t and I AA, so I won’t run into this problem. Throughout the &; The articles and ma forging couples are firmly opposed to & other AA & throughout; , ma forging truth: & other; The most look not on AA man with their women. Throughout the &; Article is to support wife: & other; Love you AA, marriage also AA, gave birth to the child you somebody else help you do the shopkeeper of cutting and AA, still mother and daughter almost didn’t eat rice, do you know? Throughout the &;