Abstract art pioneer antoni tapies’s death and Picasso, Dali

Anthony & middot; Antoni tapies, Spanish painter, was born in December 1923 in Barcelona, Spain. He use the technique of painting such as scraping painting, collage, cutting, art called & other; The father of the multi media & throughout; .

work of antoni tapies using all kinds of painting materials, expand the painting language.

report from our correspondent (reporter Li Jianya) Anthony & middot; Antoni tapies known as is after Picasso, Dali, miro, Spain’s most famous painter, has died at home to Barcelona, has died at the age of 88. The abstract art all has the important influence in the western art world, not only in the late 1980 s also affect the development of Chinese modern art, domestic art critics say its creation & other; Widen the painting expressive force, let domestic artists also learn on the canvas to do comprehensive material & throughout; .

legend long illness into a painter

Anthony & middot; Antoni tapies was born in 1923 in Barcelona, Spain, one of the most important European artists in the post-war period. As abstract art pioneer, leaving many attractive antoni tapies’s works, including “whoever made water triangle” “naked” “white and orange” and “big knot” and so on. On January 6, Anthony & middot; Died in his home Barcelona antoni tapies. The news is agent of antoni tapies pace gallery.

antoni tapies, came to prominence in the art scene in the 1940 s, and his fame with legendary & ndash; & ndash; He is self-taught. Despite its show artistic talent in at a young age, but the family asked him to follow his father’s studying law. In desperation, only to learn law, antoni tapies side continue to painting. In the early 1940 s, he got serious disease of the lungs and drop out of school in the past two years. Painting, reading, listening to music, meditation, took over the two years of time, also changed his later life. Once close to a mental breakdown, antoni tapies experience many he believes is the result of the inner sense of illusion. This laid the foundation of his early thought. In 1948 he resolutely gave up the law and to the way of art.

expand waste shells into art

in art career, antoni tapies widened the boundaries of painting, he not only use very thick coating, also has in the last century 50 s academic view of the difficult to appeal to the cartons, paper shell, etc. In the 1960 s, antoni tapies way in the creation of self expression began to appear a lot of writing, the critics give the painting & other; Dense refractory & throughout; The argument. He works of argil fire “toilet”, is also “springs” along with duchamp, think will be the so-called & other; Filthy & throughout; Concept into art.