Ace musicians Yao Qian about collection: don’t ever believe experts said

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Yao Qian home is put in the porch place of the collection is the Netherlands DROOG Design No. 76 of the You can lay down your memory “.

Yao Qian Taipei home a whole wall in the living room is hung with his collection.

about professional

hope as a bridge of Chinese culture, rather than businessmen

as music & other; Star player & throughout; , twenty years, Yao Qian from successive record company successfully create Stella chang, sky wu, yuko lilun, mindy, elva hsiao, Rene liu, coco lee, zhao wei, I feel so good, no name, such as singer, Yao Qian can fully grasp their personal qualities, for these artists in the mandarin music shape the unique style of music and marketing strategy, sales and word of mouth of overall success. Yao Qian more make full use of resources and international company itself across the whole Asia long-range planning ability, Chinese market will be successful artists to the international stage, coco lee is the obvious example.

information times: write ci, producer, music managers, collectors, so many identity you are how to position itself?

Yao Qian: I positioning himself as a bridge, I think in this era, I hope that in the Chinese culture as a bridge, rather than businessmen. I will focus on cultural communication in the future.

information times: you mentioned many times in the books, the music industry is about to die, music or to live, you also in groping way and way, such as music or to return to the scene, or the business model of digital music, and you will continue to write a word or when music managers?

Yao Qian: actually methods haven’t found, return to the scene, or Numbers are not the only way to solve the music. This more in need of some policy or the progress of the hardware to solve this problem together. I will continue to write word, but I prefer as a communicator, rather than the managers.

information times: write word again, what would you most like to singer cooperation?

Yao Qian: I passively, often is others request, touched me, I will write.

information times: Chen Lerong revealed in the music industry has a very cruel than draft, you may have encountered, what do you think of this phenomenon?

Yao Qian: yes, from to join the industry has never stopped. I think the decision or in their own want to attend than draft, I can accept it. Even be than lose, also won’t hurt my self-esteem.

the information times, & other; Hong Kong and Taiwan music self-pity and drowned, stuck in the past; Most mainland music bluff, lack of content & throughout; , feel you this summary is very reach the designated position, according to these situation, how to change? Artists and authors need to do?

Yao Qian: I think that change is not a day, involving long time accumulation of social status. We can only adhere to the thing you should do, I never had the feeling I have the ability to change others, can only adhere to their own values and aesthetic view.

the information times, during the second half of the life, what is the ideal state? & other; I this small role, trying to learn bow to greet their old age & throughout; , is this your name when miss Leslie cheung, what makes you have such a feeling?

Yao Qian: humility is I feel the need to learn after middle age, clear oneself also is just an ordinary person. Early learning also modest attitude then also.

about collection

& other; Don’t ever believe experts throughout the &;

Yao Qian painting collection has 15 years, he will be more contemporary art called his lover in this world,. Went to the house of the Yao Qian Taipei will find a whole wall in the sitting room hung with his collection of works of art, including the traditional Chinese painting, liu ye Lin Fengmian of Eileen chang as masterpieces, such as still have a picture of Mr. Liu for portraits. And he had revealed that Rene liu concert, prepare cash probably 78 million, pouch is only a few million deposit, there is no way to take a picture of Mr. Liu to go to sell, I didn’t expect value than buying up ten times, just to fill the difference, just use the money, to make the smooth Rene liu’s performance.

the information times, as well as writers, we all know that you are still a collector, could you tell me you collect from when to start? Which one do prefer collection? How popular lyrics, between art and unification in you here?

Yao Qian: I began to collect 1996, I’m more partial on-canvas art, collection collection of topics for Asian painting history. Never want to unified lyrics and art is their unity instead me.

information times: you say in your program to associate with artists such as liu xiaodong, dealing in private life and them?

Yao Qian: I seldom communicate with artists have, most of them are seen in some art occasion, seldom communicate in private. I am still inclined to, each other in this relationship.


information about the current star collection hot, what’s your opinion or instruction? There are also many experts reveal some star bought a lot of things, the results a room are all fake.

Yao Qian: I think collection must be their own interest and enthusiasm, so have to read and understand these support to collect data, never believe experts, is to believe in yourself. Since the collection is the collection to with your life, it is not a commodity.

information times: wang gang said collection like drug addiction addictive, do you have this addiction, or how to control yourself?

Yao Qian: I agree, that is a good describe called pursuit. I was all my financial (accounting) to control me. He let me know that I already in debt.

information times: collection is a rich man’s game? And what do you think of his artistic grade is based on what?

Yao Qian: is collection of people or people with taste of the game, so to see where you stand a place to collect. But in China, on the table like collection is rich with money war between people.

information times: you said you high esteem Mr Li and Mr Jiang letter, you have a plan to old age in Beijing seclusion?

Yao Qian: you’re so smart, that’s what I mean.

information times: you’re a song and a picture circulating among us, cause and the influence of commercial value, has similar curve in the long run, but it is generally believed that song was popular, rapid consumption, and the value of art, may be after a time, curve is similar to that of what you say?

Yao Qian: similar is spiritual, Chopin’s music and pop music in the mainland.